Basic Programming Tutorials


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)  are used to format the layouts of web documents or in simple term web pages. CSS will help you to create a uniform look across several pages of a website.

Create a CSS files and save your time for re-coding for common pages, area, section and many more. Before starting tutorial, just remember one thing:

Learn + Practice = Expert

Just stick with the basics, ” learn it and practice it “. At SharpLesson you will get many chances to practice what you have learnt and that is why we are different and unique platform.

   Basics of CSS

 Basics for Beginner

We at SharpLesson, like to follow basics and that too with sound quality knowledge. Learn CSS to implement in future projects, it makes page download faster. Other benefits are, type less and use many ways, improves the accessibility of web content. We will see the importance of CSS, content by content or line by line.

  • Intro – CSS – Introduction with explanation.
  • Syntax – Learn the syntax with example.
  • Ways – to use – How to implement.
  • Units – See what are units, you can use.
  • Colors
  • Backgrounds – Learn the use of Backgrounds.
  • Fonts – Check the use of Fonts.
  • Text – Text will let you decorate fonts.
  • Images
  • Links
  • Tables – You can arrange data into the organize format.
  • Box Model
  • Borders
  • Margins
  • Lists
  • Padding
  • Cursors
  • Outlines
  • Dimension
  • Scrollbars

Practice time: Now we are equipped with basic information, Let’s create one page website and we will try to use topics used in “Basics of CSS”. If you want complete solution( CSS Tutorial + examples + 5 webdesign layouts) , then get it with ease.

  Advance CSS

Advance Feautres

In  the above section, you learned about the basics, and in this section we will go to advance topics. The Control over the CSS, will make you flexible in designing a quality web. Let us learn advance level with easy to understand practical examples.

  • Display
  • Positioning
  • Layers
  • Pseudo Classes
  • Pseudo Elements
  • At – Rules (@)
  • Text Effects
  • Media Types
  • Paged Media
  • Aural Media
  • Printing
  • Layouts
  • Validations

Practice time: Now we have learnt basics and advanced topic of CSS, Lets create a layout and try to use above topics in our examples.


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  • Reference
  • Selectors
  • Colors