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Is CSS definition important to know?

CSS is a Short for Cascading Style Sheets and, it is a style sheet language used for displaying the Html elements. CSS is used to change the style of web documents( html page) and user interfaces written in a markup language. We will understand the CSS definition with more friendly examples.

Learn css definition

In the above picture, you can guess what CSS Definition will be?. But the question here from my side is, what is cascading means here? Or how the term “ Cascading and Style Sheet” will make a sense for you?. That is what, we will see, we believe in clarity and that is what SharpLesson all about.

Let us understand, Cascading, and style sheets with simple examples.

What is Cascading

We will try to understand, what cascading means in the CSS definition, In simple term, cascading means that how the style can cascade or fall from one style sheet to another, enabling multiple style sheets. This cascade defines the order of precedence for how the styles should be applied. For example

h1{ color: green; }

h1{ color: blue; }

Here you can see, h1(is a Selector) has assigned two different colors and according to a style sheet, the h1 should have both blue and green. Now here Cascade will play an important role, it will determine which color the h1 should have. We will see only one color in a result (Why?, tell me, can you write with both hands at a time?), so there has to be an order. The Order depends on the selector precedence and in which order they appear in the document.

 What is Style Sheet

Now we will see, what is style sheet in CSS definition, a style sheet language or style language is used to present the structured documents. Most effective and attractive features of structured documents are that it can be reused in many contexts. Standard Style sheet languages are:

  • CSS ( Cascading Style Sheet)
  • XSL( Extensible StyleSheet Language)
  • Document Style Semantics and Specification Language (DSSSL)

We use CSS to style documents written in Html, XHTML, Svg and other markup languages.

Benefits of CSS

  • It improves the Page download speed.
  • Make your page shorter and neater
  • The Look of a site will remain consistent.
  • Editing and updating became easy.