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We have been asked many times, what is a blog?, How to create blog? Which web host is good? And many other curious question from our readers. Finally, we have decided to write a short and informative tutorial on how to create blog? If you are a new blogger or want to create a blog, then we have tried our best to provide you the best resource.

Create blog – A list to follow

Let’s cut the long story short, and summarize the important topic we will cover in our discussion that will help you to create blog.

  • Decide the niche
  • Select the domain name
  • Finalize the web host
  • Get your dream
  • Once click installation
  • Write your first post

Now let’s take points one by one to understand the importance of each.

Decide the niche

It is very important to understand and know your audience, what is your target audience? If you are a new to the blogging world, then make sure you will work on a niche ( Nothing but a topic on which you can write infinitely), for example, if you have got the knowledge about cooking, then you can write on it and your target audience will be the male or female who wants to learn or impress their love one by cooking.

Just shortlist the 3 topics, and close your eyes and think positively on which topic can you write endlessly. Once you are done, move down to the next topic.

Select the domain name

Many times it happened with us that we don’t like the name of the people or a blog, why?

  • Because of the difficult pronunciation
  • Because of the long and hard to remember names.
  • Because we just don’t like the name.

It doesn’t matter whether you or your blog have quality information, people tend to forget things quite easily. For example, you tell me which name is easy to remember? or I think we know the answer, the same way it could happen to your blog as well.

To search whether the domain name is available is not, you can search it on bigrock. For example you have decided to go with , but you have to check whether this domain name has been taken or not. In case it has been already taken, then go for .net, .org if you wish, else try other names.

Check your domain name  at bigrock.

Note: Short and easy to remember website name will let you earn more traffic.