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Welcome to the SEO tutorial, and today we will talk about the Cost Effective SEO. We have seen people asking about cheap SEO services or the effective SEO with a minimum investment. So here we come with the exciting topic on the Cost effective SEO.  If you will search on the Google about the cheap or an effective SEO, then you will be told about some organization who are providing the services of the SEO.

But do you know that there are many bloggers who are doing well? And the funny thing is they have not visited any such SEO service providers. Any guess why? Because they moved gradually and followed the guideline provided by the search engines. For our reader, we will say the Cost effective SEO is investing Zero amount. Let’s examine the so called cost effective SEO by the companies and Zero investment plan by the Sharplesson.

Cost Effective SEO – See Inside

We will try to understand the effectiveness of the SEO of the paid and the free plan as well.

  • Paid cost effective SEO.
  • Free Cost effective SEO.

The paid one is the examination of the SEO services provided by the companies and the free one is the one you can do yourself. Our point is why to pay others, if we can do the same thing.

Paid cost effective SEO

If you will search on Google, then you will get many options for the cheap or effective SEO services. The package they will offer probably are:

  • Basic or Standard plan
  • Advance or Executive plan
  • Gold or Corporate plan
  • Diamond or platinum plan

They will charge you according to the plan you will choose. The funny part is the topic is known to many, but not applying in reality. Let’s say if you will go for the standard plan, then they will offer you:

On page Optimization – In this they will cover optimization of the title, header and meta tags. It will also cover the robots text and Google sitemap creation and verification. The important thing that they will provide is the keyword research.

Off page Optimization – In this section, they will probably go for the:

  • Submission of your site to search engines, either manually or automatic.
  • Social bookmarking submission of your site.
  • They will work on the keyword optimization.
  • RSS Feed
  • Press Release.

Note: Some will do blog posting, article optimization, profile creation and work on local SEO as well.

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Monthly Reports -This will include the SEO and search ranking status on the major search engines.

  • Analysis report of your web site.
  • Ranking reports.
  • Report of the keyword analysis.

The more money you will pay, more the services you will get. Now my question to you is, do you think above or any other plan is worth investing your money? Let’s try to find the answer together.

Free Cost effective SEO

Why we are saying that you can achieve the same thing without investing a penny? Let’s understand it with a practical example.

For a school or college exam, you must have gone for the coaching classes or paid for the short term tuition or coaching. But here comes some questions:

  • What is the guarantee for the result? – Your tuition center will take guarantee for every student will clear the exam quite comfortably.
  • Is it possible every child will top? – Every child will pay the same amount, but do you think they will get the same result? Like top 3 or probably top ten?
  • Payment is for the one time or have to pay every year coaching?

The exception will say yes, but most of the readers will say that the probability of all toppers, guarantee results and less investment is almost nil here.

Same thing one can achieve by:

  • Doing a self study.
  • Understanding the concept without mugging it up.
  • Time management while giving the exam.

The probability of the guaranteed result, money saving and become topper will go high. The same thing will apply to your free cost effective SEO. You can handle the SEO activities for your site with ease.

Cost Effective SEO – How you can do it?

You can optimize your content and site with the use of the free tools.

  • Google keyword planner. – You can use it to do keyword research. In case, you are not familiar with it, then learn how to do keyword research?
  • Google webmaster tools – You can use this tool to look for many things like, search queries, penalty information, robots text check, sitemap check and etc.
  • SEO SpyGlass – It is a complete package for cloning your competitor’s health, rank, money.

Note: SEO SpyGlass can be used for free as well, then why to pay for creating the cost effective SEO methods?

Beside the above mentioned tools, you need to work on two SEO activities:

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO

Trust us, it is not at all a tough task to perform. Doing keyword research and optimizing your content for the same is an easy and secure way. You must be familiar with the social sites, just use the best social networking sites to promote your website.

Note: Link building is a time taking process, better avoid spamming or indulging in the black hat SEO activities.  Just trust your skills or learn it to make a link building strategy.


We have just covered the Cost effective SEO in two ways. Now will you waste your money on the paid Cost effective SEO or will go for the free SEO activities done by you only. Just remember two things:

  • Create an on page SEO checklist – Like this you will not forget anything while writing a post.
  • Create an Off page SEO checklist – This checklist will not allow you to miss a chance of promoting or generating a link for your website.