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Competitors Analysis

In the last article we have covered anchor text, and here we will cover competitors analysis and its importance for success. If you are a new blogger or a website owner and have a niche, then you should know the market and must do the thing is your  competitors analysis.

What is competitors analysis

It is a process of gathering and analyzing information about your competitors.

Competitors analysis includes:

  • Product
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Business trends

It will help you to assess your position in the market and improve your marketing strategies.

Mistakes Committed by Starters

If you will not do proper competitors analysis, then for sure below things will bother you:

  • Why I am not getting expected traffic?
  • Why other competitors are having enough business in terms of traffic and money?
  • Why my page rank is not improving?
  • Shall I shut down my blog or a website?

Let’s understand the competitors analysis with a simple example:

xyz started a toy shop because his friends toy shop is flying, and he is making enough of money. But, why xyz business is not doing well?

Can you answer this question? Probably yes, but let me explain you or say xyz is my competitor and I wanted to do 10 competitors analysis and he is one of them:

My knowledge says:

  • He must have started a toy shop, where most of the families have grown of kids.
  • People can’t afford high price toys.
  • Selling irrelevant toys.

The reason for competitors analysis

  • Know your competitors – May be your idea is not unique, and if so then check who all are the competitors for you in a market. From the lists of competitors analysis, just short list top 10 competitors and try to reach near or overcome them with your quality.
  • Check ranking for your keywords – Competitors analysis will help you to check your keywords and who is ranked best for your keywords. Whether it is a one website ranking for most of the keywords or more than two or three websites are there in a market.
  • Page rank of your competitors – The page rank analysis will help you in understanding the fact whether or not you should go for the niche you have started or looking to start. If you will not find good rank for your niche, then for sure you will think again for that niche. But in case, if your competitor rank high like page rank with 9 or 8, then it is nearly tough to overshadow your competitor.

Note: It doesn’t mean that you can not rank near to 4 or 6, trust your quality and go for it.

  • Alexa rank �� Alexa rank is different then Google’s page rank, because websites can rank in the billions, in millions, in the thousands or in hundred as well. Now the interesting fact is here you can over shadow websites easily.
  • Inbound links – The competitors analysis will help you in understanding the source of the backlinks and it is very important for you. Because backlinks are very important to get a rank from Google or Alexa.
  • Help you to decide – The important reason for competitors analysis is it will let you decide whether you will go for that niche or will go to another topic with less competition.


To make it a long story short, Competitors analysis is a success for your business, blog or a website. The competitors analysis will stronger your view towards your quality and content, because it will make your decisions or plan more stronger.