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Welcome to the world of blogging, if you have started blogging else get it in advance. You must have or must be planning for a blog or a website that is why you landed on sharplesson. Being a newcomer to any field is a learning experience, and if you will not get proper assistance, then for sure problem is the word waiting for you. We can’t afford loopholes in blogging career, and that is why we have created checklists for a new blogger. If you will stick to the basics, then for sure you will get the expected result.


What is checklists

In general terms, checklists is a way to remind you a point that you should not forget, and you must have used this in your school days for exam preparation. If you want technical information, then checklists are:

A list of items required or points to be considered, used as a reminder.

Checklists for on-page seo

Checklists you should remember while writing your content:

  • Quality and Fresh content – try to give unique contents of yours.
  • Keyword in title – Use your focused keyword here.
  • Keyword in main heading – Never forget to use in h1 heading.
  • Keyword in sub-heading (not in all subheading, at least one or two)
  • Keywords in your paragraphs. – Use of keywords in the paragraph or your body part is important.
  • Keywords in image (only relevant images will help you).
  • Use keywords in captions for images.
  • Avoid grammar mistakes.
  • Use keywords in description ( meta description)
  • Use keywords in page url.
  • Use keywords in alt text.
  • Uses of social media links.

Checklists for off-page seo

Off-page checklists indicates activities other than page:

  • Blog commenting – it will help you to get traffic, links and relationship building.
  • Bog promotion – Try to promote your blog in an organic way.
  • Community Creation by the use of social sites.
  • Use social bookmarking sites – important part in checklists.
  • Submit your blog to directories
  • Press releases for promotion – optional in checklists
  • Use video promotion in YouTube, daily motion, etc.
  • Use local promotions (yellow pages, google locals etc)
  • Article submission
  • Link exchange – no black hat activity, and we don’t support this type of checklists.
  • Upload helpful documents (Scribd, Docstoc and Slideshare)
  • Use forums – relevant forum for posting(important part of our checklists).
  • Search engine – submit your sites to search engines(Important term in our checklists).
  • Link exchange ( free and relevant only)

Checklists for backlink

Backlink checklists are important for me and for you as well:

  • Never buy backlinks or go for paid backlinks.
  • Get do follow backlinks in an organic way.
  • Get no follow backlinks (it will help you to get traffic)
  • Do not get a backlink from bad neighbors.
  • Avoid comment spam on your blog.


If you are new and if you don’t want to be penalized by the search engines, then make sure you will stick to the basics. Never go for shortcuts like paid links or comment spams, Imagine what will happen if you will eat more then you used to eat? Same thing applies to your blog or a website. Search engines will easily understand how a new website got a countless backlinks in a very short time.

While writing a blog, always follow checklists. It will give you a confidence towards your work, and hence you will trust your content to get traffic and rank for you.