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Welcome to the SEO’s link building tutorial, and today we will cover one should buy backlinks or not? We have already covered much in the SEO tutorial, and if you are a new webmaster or not familiar with the SEO, then you can give a thought of learning the SEO with fun. We have been asked by the our readers whether they should buy backlinks or not. Finally, we have decided to write about buying a backlink is good or not?

As we all know that getting links for a webmaster for their website is very much important. Different links have different weight-age, and it is just because of their domain or page authority. The High PR backlinks will give you more value than the low PR backlinks. But the question is “ One should buy backlinks or try to get backlinks in the organic way”.

Note: We at sharplesson will not recommend buying or selling of the backlinks.

Now we will try to understand the two different scenarios with an example. Probably these examples will let you decide yourself that what you want to do? Want to buy backlinks?  Or Want to earn it with patience.

Buy Backlinks – Let’s see the insight.

Let’s suppose I have a website ‘’ and want to build a backlink for this website. Since my website is a new, and I cannot wait longer to get organic links. So what I will do is, I will go for buying a back link. I can prefer to buy backlinks from any of the below two qualities:

  • Low quality backlinks at the cheap rate.
  • High quality backlinks at the high rate.

Buy Backlinks – Low Quality Example

As we know that one link = one vote, and hence I thought of buying a low quality back links to increase the vote count, and hence the link count. I visited some website, and selected one seller on fivver and paid $5 for the 1000+ backlinks.

Funny part – You will not get the keys to open the door, but instead they will create the backlinks and send you the report for the same.

Worst part – The worst part of getting such a low quality backlinks are:

  • Welcome bad neighbors – Yes, you don’t know the link you got from the websites is a good neighbor or the bad neighbors (bad neighbors are those, who are into the black hat SEO activities). It means you have to welcome everyone without putting any condition.
  • Welcome Penalized website – The other worst thing of the buying the cheap backlink is that you will link to a website, which had got the penalty or penalties by the Google for breaching the Google’s guidelines.
  • Non-relevant links – Even they will ask for the keywords that you want links for, but still in your package you will get to see the non-relevant links and hence it is not at all good for your website health.
  • Non working links – In fact, many backlinks were of no use or probably can say doesn’t exist as well.

The problem that one will face:

Being a new blogger or the restless webmaster people used to trap by the black hat SEO practitioner and the result for this you will see in your Google analytics:

  • You will see because of the poor quality, your blog traffic is drifting.
  • The chances of being caught will be increased.
  • It will downgrade the original link that you have done in an organic way.
  • Paid links are easy to replicate.

Let’s conclude

In short, we can say going for the cheap backlinks, not at all helpful to anyone. As you can see in the above example.  Once you will decide to buy backlinks, and it’s a cheap one too, then probably you should think twice.  We will suggest our readers to avoid buying the cheap backlinks.

Buy backlinks (high quality) – Example

Now we will try to understand the scenario, when we will buy a high quality back links. Let’s suppose I paid a good amount to buy backlinks of the high quality, and for sure the seller will not reveal the secret, and they will build a back links by their own, and hence you will again left in a dilemma to guess the benefits or the problem you will get.

Funny part – We trust others to build high quality backlinks for our site.

Worst Part – Now let’s see the worst part of the so called high quality backlinks.

  • Paid high, but got nothing – Sellers used to fool the new webmasters with the package deal. Let’s suppose you bought the 250 high PR backlinks, then probably you will see 15% links are not having any impact or not working.
  • Non-relevant backlinks – Though you bought the high PR backlinks, but you will find many of them are not relevant.
  • Penalty – Google is a sharp spider, they have a sound mechanism to find the paid links and penalize those sites. The risk will remain the same with the highest quality back links as well.
  • Percentage of paid links – You are fully dependent on the high page rank backlinks, and the probability of paid links percentage would be more than 50%, and hence the chances of getting penalized by the search engines are in the same ratio.

The Problem that one will face:

Though you have gone from buying high quality website, for sure high quality will not be a bad neighbor or indulged into the black hat SEOs. The problem can be seen if you will buy backlinks:

  • Which is not relevant to your niche?
  • For sidebars or footer.
  • That is site-wide links.
  • From a site that have mentioned they are selling backlinks.

Let’s Conclude

We have seen many webmasters who have bought the links and got penalized by the Google for breaching its guideline. But still there are few who bought it, and doing well . But, trust me these sites will be penalized by the Google soon, as they have not been complaining or not noticed by the Google or other major search engines.


We have just covered why not to buy backlinks? We have shown two examples to our readers. In any case, Google will find you out, and for sure, they will put a harsh penalty for the same. Better stop paying for links or wait for your turn to be penalized.