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Welcome to the yet another exciting tutorial on web hosting, and today we will discuss the Bluehost WordPress hosting importance, and why one should not take their new blog lightly. I am using Blue host as an alternative of the Hostgator, and I am quite happy with the Bluehost services. In this tutorial we will see few points that are the concern of the people who want to create a blog or who is not happy with their current web hosting services. You know being a new comer for sure we will commit many mistakes. Some will learn from the mistake or they will completely dump their online journey. The first one will consume much time, and the second one is a waste of the time.

Bluehost WordPress – For existing webmasters

This section is dedicated to those bloggers or webmasters, who have been fooled by the cheap web hosting  trap or who themselves thought of choosing such services to save their money. Before covering the consequences, let’s check why people want to start a blog/website.

  • Because they want money – Yes, many of you have started a website, just because you heard many stories of becoming rich from blogging.
  • Because they want easy work – Yes, many of the existing webmasters are creative enough, but they want to work at their comfort time.

There are many other reasons, but probably these two are the most important one. But do you know that 90% blog fails and bloggers sink their wish and money quite easily? Yes, it is quite true, and let’s check the simple, and known reasons, but still people successfully trapped by the cheap plans.

Website loads slowly

This is the very common reason that will frustrate the webmasters. If your website will load slow, then probably you will lose the visitors, and it will increase the bounce rate of your website as well. Let’s say take your example, would you like to surf a website which will take minutes to load? Certainly not, and the same thing applies to your website as well.

Reason – Cheap web host will grab your attention by the low price, but don’t you think many other webmasters have thought like you and closed the deal like you did? Because of this, your website will be hosted on the shared server that is already having the load of the many websites.

Problem: Google will penalize your website for being a lazy loader. This will affect your SEO, traffic and hence the earnings.

What to do? – If you are facing the same problem, then why you are risking your blog? Here the brand matters and Bluehost are running quite ahead, and that is why the best option for the Bluehost WordPress hosting.

Website down

This is the second reason, why webmasters are looking to switch to the other hosting? They will experience the offline website, it means your website is not available in the world, if they will search for your website or it will appear in the search results.

Reason – The reason can be anything, like Hardware malfunctioning, Server overload or server maintenance. The server overload is the main cause for the cheap web hosting providers.

Problem – If your website will be down, when you will expect more traffic, then you tell me, It will affect your website performance in terms of the  money or not?

What to do? – If you are suffering from the same problem, then it’s a right time to move or switch to the Bluehost WordPress hosting, because the brand will not defame their name, and that is because of the website down time. The blue host offers a 99% uptime, and which is more than enough.

Security Issues

This is the third reason, why a webmaster are not happy with the WordPress hosting by the current web host. Let me clear one thing that WordPress is a solid CMS to use, and the loopholes are from our side. If you have opted for the cheap web hosting, then probably there are many loopholes that the hackers will easily find, and attack your site.

Reason – The cheap web hosting providers doesn’t spend time or money to rectify the loopholes that other top class web host will do. This will alert the hacker’s eye to target those sites, and steal the information or completely sabotage the website.

Problem – If your website is being hacked by the hacker, then the only solution is you have to start from the scratch. It means you have reached to the 1st standard, even though you have cleared your 5th standard in school, and the reason for this is “ You don’t have the certificate to prove that, because it had been stolen or lost by you”.

What to do? – You have two options, either stick with the same web host, and pray the god that your website will not be hacked. The other thing you can do is just look for the reputed brand, and if you will talk about the Bluehost WordPress hosting price, then it will not more than your cheap hosting provider.

Customer Support

The fourth reason for the webmasters to be disappointed by their web host is the customer support by such cheap or average web hosting companies are not great. Either you will not get satisfying support or it will be provided later once, they will actually understand the problem.

Reason – Again, they can’t afford to have a 24 by 7 customer support as they don’t have money to pay the staff.

Problem – Now who will suffer? You will suffer, how? Let’s suppose your website is showing 500 errors, and you don’t know how you will recover from this error, and you have contacted your web host, but unfortunately they are taking too much time. Let’s say they took 5 days, now you tell me who will be responsible for the loss of the traffic and hence earning of yours?

What to do? – If you have invested in your dream project to get something, then why not you will look for the best option? Which will help you anytime with their live supports, and sort out your problem in just minutes or probably in an hour. The answer is Bluehost WordPress hosting.


This is the very worst thing, because you have paid money for the unlimited bandwidth as conveyed by your web host, but now the unlimited bandwidth is exactly a limited bandwidth.

Reason – We all know that website will take at least 6 months to fly, and if your website is exceptionally well, and then the rise of the traffic will be the problem for you. The funny thing is, you need a traffic, but that traffic will cause your suspension, why? Because you have consumed your bandwidth allocated to you.

Problem – Now who will face the problem? It’s you, How? If your website is overusing the bandwidth, then the web host will suspend the account for that month. It means a huge loss of traffic, and hence money.

What to do? – Very simple boss, if you are a new, then don’t get into such troubles as already faced by the existing bloggers. In case, you are the victim of such things, then what are you waiting for buddy? Just switch to the your choice brand, and probably this time a reputed brand, and yes Bluehost WordPress hosting is good for you, if you are using WordPress CMS.

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Bluehost WordPress hosting – For Everyone

If you really want to excel in the online world, then you need to have the resources for that. Many web hosts will lure you by offering this and that, but do you know the most important thing you require for your blog or any website?

  • Webspace – You should be given a enough space to fly.
  • Bandwidth – You don’t require an unlimited bandwidth, but at least a quite enough to handle a traffic.
  • Uptime – No compromise with this, if anyone is saying 99.99%, then don’t only trust them, look for the feedbacks as well.

If you want to create a blog that can be called a successful blog, then probably it’s a time to say yes to the reputed web hosts like Blue host. In case, you don’t want to wear the same shoes to walk towards the cheap web hosting, then probably you are on the right track of getting Bluehost WordPress.

Plan     Bluehost Pricing  SharpLesson’s Offer Saving

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Full refund of the money, if you found any problem with your Bluehost WordPress web hosting services.

Benefits of using our special offer:

  • If you will go for the standard Bluehost WordPress plan, then Instead of paying $5.99/month, you will pay $3.49/month for the next 36 months. Tip – You will save ($30 + $30 + $30 = $90/3 year).
  • If you will go for the most popular Bluehost WordPress plan, then instead of paying $9.99/month, you will pay $5.95/month for the next 36 months. Tip – You will save ($48.48 + $48.48 + $48.48 = $145.44/3 year).
  • If you will go for the business pro Bluehost WordPress plan, then instead of paying $19.99/month, you will pay $13.95/month for the next 36 months. Tip – You will save ($72.48 + $72.48 + $72.48 = $217.44/3 year).

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 Bluehost WordPress hosting – Benefits

If you are a WordPress blogger, and facing above said points, then why don’t you give a try to the Bluehost, because if you will not be satisfied, then you will get your money within the 30 days.

  • Unlimited – You will get unlimited bandwidth, and webspace.
  • Free adons (many) – There are many adons that are chargeable by other web hosts, but with Bluehost WordPress plan you will get free.
  • Customer support – Yes, the Bluehost WordPress plan or any Bluehost plans will come with 24 by 7 customer support.
  • Money back guarantee – If you are not happy with the Bluehost WordPress hosting, then take your money back within 30 days.
  • Uptime – According to the Bluehost, their uptime is at record levels of 99.99%, it means no probability of your website getting down, and hence Bluehost WordPress is a best choice to move steadily.
  • Reputation – The Bluehost is a brand, and hence they will not defame their reputation. And that is why it is a good choice for our readers to go for the Bluehost WordPress hosting.
  • Free Domain – Yes, you will get one free domain, for which you will pay, if you will go to any other web hosting providers. So why not to say Bluehost WordPress plan?
  • One click Installation – The Bluehost WordPress hosting will let you install your WordPress with just one click, and start posting.

Bluehost WordPress – How to get the discount?

So finally you have gone through the tutorial, and want to have a Bluehost WordPress plan. Since we are promoting the Bluehost WordPress, and that is why as an affiliate we can share discount with you.

The best part is, like other web hosts you need not to enter the coupon code or mention the referrer. Just click the below link and chose your any Bluehost WordPress plan, and you will get a discount automatically as per the duration you will choose for that Bluehost WordPress plan.

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We have just covered the Bluehost WordPress hosting, its benefits and why one should not look for the cheap web hosting services? The Bluehost WordPress hosting is having a reputation to stand firm in the competition. Quality always let you stand different from the queue, and that is why we can say, no problem with the Bluehost WordPress hosting.