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Bluehost vs Dreamhost

Welcome to the web hosting tutorials, and today we will talk about the Bluehost vs Dreamhost web hosting. We have already covered the Dreamhost and Bluehost features in detail. But due to the features people supposed to get confused, and this is the reason we have decided to write a tutorial on Bluehost vs Dreamhost. Again, both are top rated web hosts, and among the best web hosting providers.

The Bluehost Vs Dreamhost tutorial will help you to overcome your confusion. If you have shortlisted these two brands, and still not sure whom to choose, then probably our article on the Bluehost vs Dreamhost will help you to find the solution. We will consider four important terms to rate the web hosts:

  • Features.
  • Price
  • Discounts
  • Money Back Guarantee.

The above points are the main points that will make or break your online journey. Again, both are the top brand, and hence we will not talk about their reputation at all.

Bluehost vs Dreamhost – Features

In this section of the Bluehost vs Dreamhost, we will see the Dreamhost and Bluehost’s features to convert them into points. Let’s see who will win in this features section.

Web Space

The web space is an important place that will hold your web files. It can be anything like, images, text files, and videos etc.

Bluehost – The Bluehost will allow you to use the 100 GB option for the starter plan. Don’t worry rest plans have the unlimited web space options for you. In fact, for any one the 100 GB is a huge web storage option, and for the new bloggers or who want to create a blog, the 100 GB is a best option.

Dreamhost – The Dreamhost will give you unlimited web space for any plan.

Point – The Dreamhost will get 1 point for having unlimited web space option. It means, Dreamhost has won the Web space battle.


The bandwidth is a point that no one should avoid. If you are a blogger or wants to create a blog/website, getting a decent bandwidth is very much important. Initially you will not consume much bandwidth, because of the:

  • Less content.
  • Less traffic.
  • Less system resources used.

But the problem will start, when you will equip with the good contents, then it will automatically increase your blog traffic. That point of time this bandwidth will bother you much. Because every time the visitor will reach your site, it will affect your data transfer rate, and it is directly related to the bandwidth.

Bluehost – The Bluehost has an unlimited bandwidth option for any shared hosting plan, and you can fly high, if your blog will get unexpected traffic.

Dreamhost – The Dreamhost  also provides unlimited bandwidth option for any shared hosting plan, and hence it is a good option to choose for you as well.

Points – Both have got the same point (1). It means Dreamhost has got 2 points, and the Bluehost got the 1 point.

Email Accounts

The email accounts matter for the small business or any business. If you want to give your employee the official email accounts, then consider the Email accounts feature.

Bluehost – Again, the Bluehost will give you the 100 email account option for the starter plan. The rest of the shared hosting plans will give you the unlimited email account option.

Hostgator – The Dreamhost will give you unlimited email account option for any shared hosting plans.

Points – This time, again Dreamhost has got the 1 point. It means, Dreamhost has got 3 points and Bluehost is at 1 point.


The Uptime is a measurement of the server working. If it is up 99.99%, then it is a good thing to consider. If a server is up for 99.8%, then it means your visitors will not see your website for 16 hours for that year. You can imagine how crucial is these 16 hours, if your website will get 1000 visitors per hour, then you will lose 16000 visitors. The other most important thing that you will lose is the money, because 16000 visitors could have earned you lots or affiliate money or a Pay per impression (CPM) or Cost per click (CPC) money.

Bluehost – The Bluehost will give you 99.99% uptime guarantee, and it is a good sign of the servers working.

Dreamhost – The Dreamhost will give you the 100% uptime guarantee. Yes, the 100%, and it means    you will not see your website down anytime.

Points – It is quite obvious that the Dreamhost has again won the battle. It means the Dreamhost has got 1 more points, and hence the Dreamhost has got 4 points, and the Bluehost is still at the 1 point.

 Bluehost vs Dreamhost -Final points (Features)

In the features section the Bluehost vs Dreamhost points tally is:

Dreamhost                          4

Bluehost                           1

Bluehost vs Dreamhost – Price

Now in this section of the Bluehost vs Dreamhost, we will examine the price of the plan by the web hosts. Based on the price, one will get the 1 point, and the other will remain at their points.

Bluehost – The Bluehost’s shared hosting plan will start from $5.99/month to the $19.99/month. Now it’s up to you, which plan you will choose?

Dreamhost – The Dreamhost’s standard web hosting is just for $9.95/month. But yes, they have some discount option, and you will get it at $4.95/month. The funny part is, you can get the same plan at $1.89/month, by using our Dreamhost coupon. Don’t worry, we will come on that in the discount section.

Point – Here, we will give 1 point to the Bluehost, because their starting package is at $5.99/month.

Bluehost vs Dreamhost -Final points (Price)

In the Price section the Bluehost vs Dreamhost points tally is:

Dreamhost                          4

Bluehost                           2

Bluehost vs Dreamhost – Discount

Now in this section of the Bluehost vs Dreamhost, we will check the discount option. But remember, the discount option is from the sharplesson.

Bluehost – You can get the Bluehost at $3.45/month, by just clicking on it. Don’t worry, you will get automatic discount, once you will visit the Bluehost page.

Dreamhost – You can get the Dreamhost plan at $1.86/month using our Dreamhost coupon. In case, you wish to buy Dreamhost, then use our discount coupons. The Dreamhost coupons that you can use are:

  • SHARPLESSON97 – Avoid using it, because it is not supported in all countries.
  • SHARPLESSON50 – It supports every part of the world.
  • SHARPLESSON45 – Here you will not get discount in terms of the money, but the lifetime free domain, and the unique IP address.

Can Read: You can go through the Bluehost coupon or Dreamhost coupon to get the maximum discount.

Point – We will give 1 point each to the Bluehost and Dreamhost as well. Because ultimately they are allowing us to provide you the Discounts, and for this we will give equal points to them.

Bluehost vs Dreamhost -Final points (discount)

In the discount section the Bluehost vs Dreamhost points tally is:

Dreamhost                          5

Bluehost                           3

Bluehost vs Dreamhost – Money Back

In this last section of the Bluehost vs Dreamhost, we will see which web host will give more time to their clients to test their services. Based on the last money back guarantee section, we will finalize the points.

Bluehost – The Bluehost will give you exact 30 days to ask for the refund. Yes, within the 30 days, if you feel that you are not satisfied with the services or not getting what been promised by the Bluehost, then take your money back.

Dreamhost – The Dreamhost is our first choice, because you will get 97 days to claim your money. Yes, you will get thrice of the Bluehost duration, and we believe 3 months is more than enough to test anyone. The Dreamhost has a quality service, and that is why they are giving 97 days.

Points – This Bluehost vs Dreamhost section is again won by the Dreamhost with ease. It means, Dreamhost will get one more point, and the Bluehost will remain at the previous points.

Bluehost vs Dreamhost -Final points (money back guarantee)

In the money back section the Bluehost vs Dreamhost points tally is:

Dreamhost                          6

Bluehost                           3


We have just covered the Bluehost vs Dreamhost, and we can see the Dreamhost has won the battle 6:3 ratio. The Dreamhost is a darling of the bloggers, because you can work smoothly without a downtime or any other problem. In fact, you can get the Dreamhost plans at $1.86/month, and it means you will save lots of your money using the Sharplesson coupons.