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Bluehost Coupon

Welcome to the web hosting tutorials, and today we will cover Bluehost coupon. We already covered why Bluehost WordPress hosting is best for the new bloggers? Today we will help our readers with the understanding of the Bluehost coupon, and which plan is best for being a newcomer. If you want to start a blog, then probably the Bluehost is the best option available for you to start. The Bluehost is a top rated web hosting service provider, and well rated by the users as well.

Bluehost Coupon – Choose any

If you want to create a blog, then probably you need to go for the starter plan. The Bluehost coupon that you can use is:

  • Coupon code for new blogger – Starter plan (We call it sharpStarter plan.)
  • Coupon code for frustrated blogger – Plus Plan (We call it Trust plan.)
  • Coupon code for Professional blogger – Business pro plan (We call it expansion plan.)

Why Bluehost?

Because it has got the reputation, and this reputation is:

  • Recommended by the
  • It is among the top 3 web hosts.
  • The best choice for the bloggers.

The features you will get:

  • Website – Free domain (which is the paid option for other web hosts).
  • Web space – 100 GB (your file size will hardly be of 30kb or max to max 1mb/file, and if you will write 100000 posts, still you have used the mere from the 100 GB storage.)
  • Unlimited bandwidth – This is more important for a new blogger to understand, you will get unlimited bandwidth, and it means no traffic related problem.
  • Uptime – 99.9% (What else you will demand)
  • 1 Click WordPress installation – You don’t require any sort of expert services as far as Bluehost is a concern.
  • Setup Fee – Free.

Note: There are many ad-ons that you will get from Bluehost, like emails, parked-domain, sub-domain and marketing offers $50 etc. These are the secondary things, and we have pointed out the important things, because above points will make or break your career. This is the reason, we can say the Bluehost coupon can be used to get the best WordPress hosting for the bloggers.

Bluehost Coupon – For new Webmasters

Like other web host, you need not to enter the coupon code or enter the name of the referrer, just follow the link and you will automatically avail the benefits of the discount. You can use our Bluehost coupon link by three ways:

Duration  Price        SharpLesson’s Offer  Saving

12 month  $5.99/month   $4.95/month         $12.48/yr

24 month  $5.99/month   $3.95/month         $24.48/yr

36 month  $5.99/month   $3.49/month         $30/yr

Bluehost coupon – Benefits of using this coupon.

  • With a 12 month plan, your saving will give threes year advance payment. How? You will save $12.48, and if you will add ($4.95 + $4.95 +$4.95), then it will become $14.4. Don’t you think you will enjoy rest three years with ease?
  • 24 month plan will save you $24.48/year, and it means you can buy 6 website from the Bluehost.
  • 36 month plan will save you $30/year, and it means either you can buy 7 website or can pay for the existing plan at the time of the renewal.

Note:  You can Sign up for the Bluehost @ 3.49/month to get the Bluehost coupon offer by sharplesson.

Bluehost Coupon – For frustrated webmasters

If you are not happy with your current web host. And the reason probably is the down time, account suspension (because of the overuse of the bandwidth), or other problem. The Bluehost is a best option for those webmasters, who is looking for the permanent solution.

Duration    Price       SharpLesson’s Offer  Saving

12 month    $9.99/month    $7.95/month      $24.48/yr

24 month    $9.99/month    $6.95/month      $36.48/yr

36 month    $9.99/month    $5.45/month      $54.48/yr

Bluehost coupon – Benefits of using this coupon.

  • You will save $24.48 in 12 months, it means either you can pay the renewal fee for three months or enjoy your saved amount on buying some stuff.
  • You will save $36.48, if you will go for the 24 months web hosting. Again, you can use this money to buy other website or can use for other things.
  • The 36 month plan will save you $54.48 for the personal use.

Note:  You will see the Bluehost coupon offer by sharplesson at the end of the tutorial.

Bluehost Coupon – For professional webmasters

The professional bloggers can go for this plan, because they can expect huge traffic or can avail more benefits, like Unlimited, unlimited and unlimited. Other that unlimited stuff, you can expect:

  • 1 SSL
  • 2 Spam experts.
  • 1 dedicated IP address.
  • 1 Domain privacy.
  • SiteBackup Pro.
Duration   Pricing      SharpLesson’s Offer   Saving

12 month   $19.99/month  $18.95/month       $12.48/yr

24 month   $19.99/month  $15.95/month       $48.48/yr

36 month   $19.99/month  $13.95/month       $72.48/yr

Benefits of using this Bluehost coupon:

  • You can save money that you can see in the column itself.
  • You can use this saved money to buy a website, or can use it for the renewal.

Bluehost coupon – How to get?

Yes, this is the million dollar question, but before that let me clear you this Bluehost coupon will be used for the initial sign up, and not for the renewal of the existing plan. Now let’s talk about the Bluehost coupon that you will use to get the benefits.

Note: You can use the same link to avail the benefits of any plan, like starter, plus or the business pro.


We have just covered the Bluehost coupon, and why it is beneficial for our readers. Never go for the cheap web hosting services, because the name itself will give you the pain, once you will buy a plan from them. The nightmare will continue, and the result will end into the migration or dumping the plan to become a blogger. Better go for the trusted and well rated brand, and we can say Bluehost is one of them.