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Blue host and it’s features

Welcome to the web hosting tutorial, we already discussed DreamHost and Hostgator, and today we will discuss about Bluehost, we saw many people searching with the term blue host. So for their convenience, we will use blue host in place of Bluehost.

Before jumping on blue host, tell me do you know why you are looking for web hosting providers? Yes, then welcome here , and if not, then we will suggest you to go through some web hosting tips.

Why Blue host?

I personally not used blue host, but you know why we have chosen to talk on bluehost? Because

  • I found my friends quite satisfied with Bluehost as quality web hosting providers.
  • I saw a user review on Bluehost, and it was like 80:20 ratio.
  • Many reputed companies are associated with Bluehost.

Above three point made us to write about Blue host, and we want sharpers(users) of SharpLesson to enjoy this article with short explanation. Let’s talk about the features provide by the Bluehost.

Note: If you are an Indian, then good news for you is, for Indian blue host users they have exciting plans.

In this article we will cover all important things which will benefit our sharpers, and that is why we will cover both:

What is your requirement

Let’s talk about your concern first, you must be new and want a good or best web host for you? But there are few things to consider before purchasing your plan or domain.

Look at the above picture, and tell me Do you want more than that? Certainly not, Because 100 GB web space is more than enough to store your document, you need not to worry about traffic as it is unlimited, and last but not the least you will get 99.9% up-time. It means your website will never go down.

Note: you will get other benefits like email, database and other things, which we will discuss later in the article.


Bluehost understands its clients and their needs, and that is why it is well rated web hosting company.  In this section we will discuss features for shared hosting only, because your need is not more than that.

Note:  Features like a sub-domain, add-on domain, parked domain, emails or other things are common things and like Bluehost , leading web hosting companies provide these things. And as a newcomer you should avoid it for at least a year and so.

Blue host – Shared Hosting

Bluehost has three options for its user, we will discuss all three, and will see which one is good for you.

Why my vote is for blue host starter plan? Because I don’t see any reason wasting your money on expensive plans. And if you are new then say big no to other plans.

Note: Your requirement is just web space, bandwidth and uptime, which blue host provides in quality, and that is why it is good for you.

Bluehost Discount

Blue host does not provide any discount coupon like Dreamhost or hostgator, but you can use sharplesson’s promotional link to get blue host shared account @ just $3.49/month.

Bluehost india

Now let’s talk about bluehost for Indian sharpers(users). If you want to use the services of blue host in india, then this is good news for you. Bluehost has two plans for you

Again, why go for expensive one, just stick with the blue host standard plan. There are few important points to remember, if you will go for blue host in India.

  • They have two shared hosting ( window hosting & Linux hosting)
  • Window hosting is costly as compared to Linux hosting.

Blue host discount – India

I already mentioned Bluehost does not provide any discount coupon, because of its quality. Just use our promo link to get shared hosting @ just $3.49/month (around Rs 200/month).

Note: Our promotional link will be applied only if you will go to 3yr shared hosting plan. I believe you are looking for long term relationship, and it will work with blue host.

We all know, that promo codes are not for months, we are promoting them and that is why we are allowed to give our user’s promo links. So don’t be a late, decide and go for it.

Note: if your operating system is a window, then it doesn’t mean that you should go for windows hosting, you can choose any hosting.


We have just covered blue host or Bluehost, and we discussed on Bluehost offers and the best plan( Starter or Standard). Use your wisdom and don’t go for expensive plans because it will not worth you, if you are a newbie.