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Welcome to the traffic building tutorials. We have already discussed many ways to build traffic. Today we will talk about the blog traffic and its importance to webmasters. You must have seen many successful blog’s that have achieved the height. You too want to fly high via blogging or want to become rich blogging. But, do you know there is a huge list of the failed blog as well. The obvious reason is the blog traffic. If you have a blog that is getting negligible traffic, then you can consider yourself as an unlucky blogger.


But you know one thing? It is all your doing that will make or break your effort. For example, if you will create blog, but you will not work on the SEO part, then straight failure for you. In fact, we have seen many bloggers who want to become rich by blogging. Once they will find it is not that easy, then they stop working on their website. Blogging will not at all give you quick money or blog traffic. It is a process, which requires many things to get blog traffic. Today we will talk about those traffic building methods to your blog. Let’s consider below points to build blog traffic:

  • Target your audience
  • Quality writing
  • Continuous writing
  • Appealing title
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Responsive design
  • Page load speed
  • Submit blog to Search engines
  • Use Social sites
  • Response to comment
  • Guest blogging

Now let’s discuss the above points in details to understand the importance of the each point.

Blog traffic 

Target your audience

If you want to create a blog, then target your audience before selecting a niche. If you want to attract young generation, then for sure you have to choose a niche that is relevant and appealing. For example, youngsters like trendy things, like fashion, relation, entertainment and etc. If you are clear about your target audience, then you will write for them only. In case, you have decided to write for all, then you can understand you will not create a quality content.

Quality writing

It is very important to attract new visitors or hold the existing audience. Let’s say for example, you have written a quality and interesting article on “What is the importance of blog post”, then every new reader of your blog will understand the quality written by your or the guest post by other bloggers.

Never copy and paste content from others, because it will hurt you in two ways:

  • Not a unique content and hence you will lose a blog traffic.
  • It will frustrate both a reader and a search spider as well. You know duplicate content or copied content is eligible for a sweat and tasty penalty by the Google.

Continuous Writing

If you increase your blog traffic, then have to update or write more often. It has been noticed that successful blog, most often, have a new content for their readers. Let’s say for example, what if one will ask you to see same program every day for a week? Obviously you will not be enjoying that program anymore. Same thing applies to your blog as well, If you want to hold readers, then give them new post.

If you have started your blog to become rich from blogging, then give your audience rich content to read. Otherwise, instead of improving blog traffic, you will lose it very soon.

Appealing title

Yes, it holds its importance as well. Let’s say for example, you searched “page ranking”, then you will get many results. Now tell me do you know any of the bloggers to choose from? Or you will randomly select one by looking at the title.

Let’s for example, you will see two titles, one is “what is page ranking?” And another is “Improve your page ranking in 2 weeks”. Now you tell me, which will impress you most? Most probably for a blogger the second title is very much important. If your title is appealing, then the chances of organic blog traffic will increase.

On-page SEO

It is as important as writing quality content. You should use keywords in:

  • Page’s Title
  • Heading
  • Bold
  • Description
  • Subheading
  • Content

You need to link the relevant post internally to reduce bounce rates. If you will optimize your content effectively, then for sure you will get more blog traffic.

Off-page SEO

To improve your blog traffic you have promote and build High PR backlinks for your website. You can get back links from:

There many other ways to improve blog traffic as well. In case you want to learn more than check our SEO tutorials.

Responsive Design

Now a day’s responsive design is very much important to get more blog traffic. In fact, Google will consider it for the SEO purpose. If your website is responsive, then you will get an audience from small device as well. For example, if your website is not responding, then only desktop or laptop user can view your website properly. If anyone will try to access your website from smart phone, tablet or a small phone, then he/she can only see the messed content.

In case, you have a responsive website, then each and every visitor will see your website from any device. Hence, it will increase your blog traffic.

Page Load Speed

It is also an important factor to improve your blog traffic. The faster will load your page, more the reader will try to navigate. Being a reader for sure you don’t want to wait long to open website. Just try to avoid:

  • Large size image.
  • Too much plug-in
  • Cheap web hosting
  • Use of much JavaScript

Submit blogs to the Search engines

Do not auto submit your blog/website to the search engines. Because you will not know that search engines behavior or whether it is worthwhile to submit a blog or a website there or not. Instead, you can target major search engines and submit your blog there.  Because high pr search engines will give you more traffic as compared to the low authority search engines.

Note: To get an organic traffic, you need to submit your blog to the major search engines. Once it will be indexed by the search engines, then you can expect some portion of blog traffic from search engines.

Use Social sites

You can post your new contents to the most popular social sites, like Facebook, Twitter, reddit, and LinkedIn. These sites will certainly help you to increase the blog traffic.

Response to comment

If you will receive any comment to your post, then do respond to their comments as well. It will make them feel special, and that special feeling will buy you loyal readers in the long run. This is a good way to improve the blog traffic.

Guest Blogging

In your starting days of blogging, you cannot expect huge organic search traffic. You can do some guest posting to improve your website ranking, and hence blog traffic. This guest posting will help you to put back links in the bio or author section. In case your guest post is having a quality, then you can expect heavy traffic to your blog.

Tips to remember

  • Never indulge in black hat activities.
  • Don’t go for link exchange.
  • Don’t overuse keywords.
  • Have patience, and trust your intelligence.
  • Work on the overall quality.


We have just covered the blog traffic, and how to improve the traffic to your blog. Just remember one very important thing, without traffic your blog is dead. Work in a genuine way to improve your blog traffic. Give time to your blog to grow, and certainly you will grow with it.