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Blackhat Seo

Welcome to the SEO tutorials, we have already covered many things. We have been asked by our reader’s to write about blackhat SEO. So finally we have decided to write on Blackhat SEO, and its black side for the webmasters. If you are looking for long term commitments with the major search engines, then avoid doing blackhat SEO.

What is Blackhat SEO?

It is an aggressive technique that has only motive to focus on the search engines. The blackhat SEO will let you improve a page rank by the means of violating the search engine term of service.

You can violate search engine terms of Keyword stuffing, invisible text, link farms and etc.  There are many ways to violate terms and condition, and that we will discuss in great detail.

BlackHat SEO – Methods

  • Paid links – Paid links are not safe area to walk. Don’t pay for the link placement directly or indirectly.
  • Article Spinning – The article spinning is nothing, but a way of avoiding penalty for the duplicate content.
  • Link Wheels – A link wheel is a way of creating multiple sites, and getting links from them via posting. Now you can do anything with those links, because it belongs to you. In your article you will mention your parent site, and hence you will get backlinks from those sites.
  • Keyword Stuffing – The keyword stuffing is the process of over using of your primary keyword. By this way you can affect the site ranking in the search results.
  • Hidden text – The hidden text is hidden from the visitors, but it is visible in the hidden text. Webmasters using it to rank high for the specific query or the keywords.
  • Cloaking – The cloaking is the way to fool spiders. The content seen by the visitor is totally different from the spiders. It means, the content is not identical and the spider and the visitor will be on two different pages. Webmasters will do this to improve the search performance of the particular query or keywords.
  • Duplicate content – If you are using the same keyword or content more than one, then probably it can be considered as a duplicate content. Many bloggers used to work on a traffic driven keywords again and again.
  • Doorway Pages – The website or pages which are created for a specific keyword or query to rank high. It’s a kind of spam indexing, which will improve your traffic in an unexpected way.
  • Link farm – The link farm is a way to involve in the reciprocal links. The main idea behind the link farm is to increase the inbound links for a website.
  • Hidden affiliate links – Hiding the affiliate links will be rewarded with the serious penalty. Let’s say for example, you are hiding a link because your visitors will not click it otherwise. Once they will click it, the user will be redirected to the multiple ads. This will frustrate your reader, and hence Google will not tolerate such things.
  • Blog Spam – The blog spam is a kind of the fake blog creation, which is meant for promoting affiliate links. It has another way of understanding as well, like spamming while commenting on the different blogs.
  • Fake branding – Even writing a paid reviews with the wrong intention is quite harmful. Let’s say for example, you have not used a product or services, but for the sake of money, you will disguise many visitors of your website.

Blackhat SEO – How to report it?

If you know anyone who is involved in a blackhat SEO activities, and still unnoticed by  the Google, then simply report it using below links.

report paid links -If you will find anyone involved in selling or buying paid links, then report it.

Report malware – Report the malicious software, if you think particular site is using one to affect page ranking.

Report other problem – If you find other problems, like non-webspam related issues, then use this link to report.

Who should enjoy blackhat SEO?

We will not recommend black hat SEO methods implementation to our readers. Because it is not at all acceptable by any major search engines. Let’s see who can try to indulge in a black hat SEO?

Short term blogger – If you are a short term blogger, whose main motive is to full fill his goal in a short time, then you can give a try to the blackhat SEO.

Hobby Blogger – If blogging is your hobby, then you can give a try to the blackhat SEO techniques.

Self Proclaimed Expert – If you think you can test Google intelligence, then give a try to it. Because only a fool can think of tricking Giant like Google.

Who should not go for the Blackhat SEO?

Now this is the interesting section to read. Because, there are many reasons one should not use black hat SEO activities:

New Webmasters – If you are a new blogger, then make sure you will not distract by the self proclaimed SEO expert or a blogger. Just use your mind, and decide whether you want in a Google’s good list or worst list?

Career blog – If you have started blogging as a career, then stick with the Google Adsense policy. Because you will start your blog as a career, and violation of the Google’s term and condition will remove you from its index list.

Make money – If you want to earn a decent amount from the website, then make sure you will never follow Blackhat SEO methods. Why? Because after the penalty by the major search engine, you will not love the traffic your site will get. If your blog traffic will drop, then automatically your earnings will drop.


We have just covered blackhat SEO, and its do’s and Don’ts as well. If you are a dedicated blogger, then look for the White hat SEO activities. In case, you still want to test your expertise, then enjoy Blackhat SEO. But, we at SharpLesson will not advise our readers to follow blackhat SEO.