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Best Social Networking Sites

Welcome to the link building strategies topic, we already covered high pr backlinks from forum, High pr social bookmarking sites, and today we will talk about the best social networking sites. We can get links from social networking sites as well, and not only from the any social sites, but from the best social networking sites.

What are social networking sites?

Before jumping on to social site lists, we should know what is social networking sites? Social site is nothing but a platform that will allow to create a public profile, and share it across the countries.

Tip: Webmaster can use social networking sites to promote their websites.

Why best social networking sites?

Being a webmaster, it’s our responsibility that we should work on quality and that will reflect in your content and backlinks. Always make sure that your content is for your readers and not for search engines, but yes also make sure that you will please the search engines with quality backlinks.

Post penguin, your work should be up to the mark, any low quality or non-relevant link will penalize your website. We at sharplesson believe in quality and that is why have listed down only high pr best social networking sites. Let’s cut the long story short, and come to the lists:

Webistes                                                                     Rank

Twitter                                                                              10

linkedin                                                                              9

flickr                                                                                   9

Facebook                                                                           9

Pinterest                                                                           9

Google+                                                                            9

VK                                                                                     9

Instagram                                                                        9

youtube                                                                            9

tumblr                                                                              8

myspace                                                                           8

meetup                                                                             7

digg                                                                                   7

How to get linked?

These social networking sites will allow you to create profiles, and you will be allowed to put website details as well. Some or most of the site will allow to have nofollow backlinks, like Facebook, Linkedin, twitter etc. But it will add value to your site in terms of authority and traffic.


We have just covered best social networking sites that will help you to get backlinks, since they are high authority websites, it will for sure help your website to gain some benefits.