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become rich from blooging

We can become rich from blogging as you must have heard or told by friends, and that is why you landed on this article. But do you know  “if’s and but’s “ of blogging?, Certainly not else you could have not searched for this option. Don’t worry at sharplesson, we will try to find out the answers to a few questions and we will see what will be your opinion on the question, “How to become rich from blogging”.


Become rich by solving problem

Let’s see the question and their solutions:

  •  Are you new to blogging?
  • Has been writing is your passion?
  • You have patience’s?
  • What if I will say “ No, you can not become rich from blog or website”?.
  • Do you have a niche to write for?
  • You started or will start blogging for money?
  • Are you a part time blogger or full time?
  • Do you know, where to start?
  • What if I will say “ yes, you can make huge amount of money”?

We are not here to scare you, but we want you to know the answers to the above questions. Else how you will become rich? and it will difficult for you to say yes to the following things:

  • Yes, I can earn money from my blog.
  • Yes, I am earning more from my full time job.
  • Yes, Now I have improved my bank balance.
  • Yes, I can help others.
  • yes, i become rich

Do not miss a single word else you will not understand the two important points:

  • Why people are not making money from a blog?
  • Why are people making a huge amount of money from a blog?

Now we will answer the obstacle one by one to remove it from your way, let us start with the first question and it is:

Are you new to blogging?

Let us understand it with an example, suppose you are an SEO expert and now I want you to repair a television of your neighbor. You will say, how it is possible?, don’t you think same will apply to blog or a website?. Yes it will, because you do not know anything about it, and you want to jump on it, because some how you know “ you can become rich” from blogging.

If you are familiar about it, then you can move to the next question, but before it, can you tell me:

  • What will be the bandwidth required to a new blogger?
  • Which Hosting plan he or she should look for?
  • What is a uptime?

If you cannot answer this, then sorry boss just knowing the definition is not enough. So better get the answer to it first, and then only move to another question. Do not worry, you will get a solution for every question at sharplesson.

Has been writing is your passion?

Now this is a second pebble in your way to become rich, let us understand with a simple example. What if a question is of 10 marks and a person will write short answers for it?, obviously that person will get low marks.

Same thing applies to blogging as well, if you are not passionate about writing, then how your audience will see a new and creative content on your website?. If you will not regularly update and add content to your website, then you will loose search engines and your visitor’s interest as well.

Write and update your content, because content is king.

You have patience’s?

Don’t tell me, you become rich in just 3 – 6 month. Because I have not seen such examples and if there are fewer, then exceptions cannot be set as an example. Give your time to your blog or a website. Let’s understand it with your practical example, you grew up directly to your age, or it took time for you to reach at this age?.

Patience is a key for success.

If you don’t have it, then sorry boss forget about making money from  your blog or a website.

What if I will say “ No, you can not become rich from blog or website”?.

Yes, you cannot make money from your blogging, but why?. Because of the following reason:

  • Because your content is not your’s – May be your website is yours, but managed content from other websites. Search engines or user will easily make it out and it will be worse for you, if search engine will catch you.
  • No Off-page SEO – Do you know anything about branding?. Hey, wait a minute I am talking about online marketing?. Learn Off-page SEO else ready to look for another job.
  • Did you use On-page SEO? – If you will not optimize your content well then your content will suck your time. So better learn, what is On-page SEO and make SEO friendly content.
  • Wrong Marketing – Let’s understand it with an example, If you are branding holiday package to a person, who cannot afford it. What do you think?, will you succeed?. A Big no, Same way if you have blogged for gadgets and you are branding on the non relevant place, then the result will be the same.
  • Content is not interesting – Here I will say, if your content is not interesting or it is not organized, then trust me even you will not enjoy reading it.

Do you have a niche to write for?

If you have targeted a particular product and you will write about it or your content will market is niche blogging. If you are not confident about a niche, and you saw others earning from it and that is why you jumped on it. It will be a bad starting for you, because maybe you will copy and paste their content too. If they will stop writing, then what? No further writing or will copy another one?. Try your hand, maybe you will go slow, but your quality will give you the results later on.

You started or will start blogging for money?

If you have started your blog to become rich, then no one will help you. Why? Because, you already assumed that you will get money and fame within months or two. Since money is your priority, and you will get frustrated because:

  • You are not getting expected visitors
  • You have not earned, what you have invested.
  • No page rank and hence no money

Ultimately, it will make you think why I have started it. But do you know there are many who earn’s thousands of dollars from their own website.

Are you a part time blogger or full time?

This is very important to know, who you are?. Are you planning to blog, because it is your hobby or you have started it as a full time blogger?. If it is your hobby, then carry one. If you will earn money from your hobby, then bingo else no worries. But if you have started it full time, then make sure you will earn living from it. Else your bank balance, friends support or other handy bank will say No to you. So just remember below said formula and enjoy money.

Quality content + On-page SEO + Off-page Seo = Money

Do you know, where to start?

Let’s say you have cleared all the questions and its answers with distinction and you are all set to fire. But tell me, where you will start?, you will go for free blogging or paid blogging?.

Free blogging – Free blogging is good for hobby, but not for earning, why?. Check it and return back to reading.

Paid blogging – Imagine your website, your content and your traffic. Wait, what did I say? Traffic, why I mentioned it here?. Do consider the following things as well:

  • Which web hosting to choose?
  • Shall I go for shared hosting or dedicated hosting?
  • What bandwidth is enough for you?
  • Featured web hosting at low cost.

Yes, consider these points as well if you want to earn money, then for paid blogging or hosting look at the above said things.

What if I will say “ yes, you can make huge amount of money”?

Yes, know if you have more answers in yes, then enjoy making money and become rich or gain a high status. The idea is very simple, just stick to the basics and say yes for the things which I mentioned above. You forgot? Now you can say yes for money, big money and huge money.


We just covered and removed obstacles from our way to become rich, in case you have got any query or suggestion, then don’t forget to inform us. Now we will see you at the market as a competitor and say yes to it.