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Welcome to the link building strategies. We have already seen many link building techniques to ease the way for the High PR backlinks. Today we will talk about backlinks generator tools that will help you to generate backlinks. If you are a new blogger or a webmaster who is in a hurry, then avoid using backlinks generator tools or software. Why? Don’t worry, you will get answers for everything here on sharplesson.

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What is Backlinks Generator?

The backlink generator tools or software can be used to create, make or generate back links for your website. Earlier it was used to save time for creating marketing or hyperlink campaigns. The only thing matters today is the use of the Backlinks generator tools that will compare the content and will give you better results.

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If you are looking for trusted tools or software, then it will not come free. The popular backlink generator software will save you lots of money. like semrush or spyseo.

Backlinks Generator Tools

We have just mentioned free online backlinks generator tools that will help you to gain some backlinks. Remember, it will not work effectively as the paid and trusted one. Better use with caution. Check the 18+ list of backlink generator tools.

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Backlinks Generator – Advantages

If you will use the paid backlinks generator, then you will get the high PR backlinks. You can use the trial version first, if you don’t have money to buy. If you still want to test free backlink generator tools, then make sure to look for a domain or page authority before submitting the link.

Semrush – First use the trial version, then decide to buy or not?

SEO SpyGlass – Again, uses it free and later go for buying it.

Backlinks Generator – Disadvantages

Will you give anything for free? Then, why you are expecting the same from the others.  If you are still using free tools for creating a backlink, then make sure you will not go for automatic link submission. Because it will help you for a day or a month, but once found by the Google, you will be banned from google indexing.

Why? Because Google will count it as a spam activity and hence you will be penalized.

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We have just covered the backlinks generator tools, its advantages and disadvantages. Always remember the free stuff will not help you at all. In case you can’t afford the paid software, then I would suggest you to either look for the link authority or try using trial versions of the paid software. At least you will get the trusted sources for creating a backlink.