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Affiliate Disclosure

Our reader’s know, SharpLesson is all about online tutorials on blogging, SEO, Web hosting, Html, CSS, JavaScript, PHP-MyQSL, template design and web development.

Some of you must be thinking ” How we are managing expenses ( website, physical, and other miscellaneous ). Well, for you people we have thought of writing article on affiliate disclosure.

If you click on the links on this site, these may be Affiliate links. This means that we may receive payment for sending a visitor to an external website that we are partnered with.

Affiliate programs may pay per leadper clickper sale, or based on the number of impressions of a display Ad.

Generally the price you pay for goods or services should not be different whether you go direct or through an Affiliate link.

The revenue goes towards the costs of maintaining this website, such as the hosting costs.

Affiliate Disclosure – Why to mention?

We have two reason’s behind publishing post on affiliate disclosure, and being a reader of sharplesson, it’s your right to know as well. Because we want to be loyal towards our readers, Let’s see what encouraged us to write disclosure part:

  • SharpLesson only promotes value to our readers, we only suggest or write about the product which will be helpful for our readers. That is why we up front wrote that some of the product will let us earn money as well.
  • Federal trade commission’s guide – As per the 16 CFR, Part 255 of the federal trade commission’s guide, it is good to share that we are endorsing some products. It will build a strong relation between the webmaster’s and the readers.

Satisfaction – Reader and Webmasters

As we mentioned, if you will buy anything through us, it will not cost you extra. In fact, sometimes you will get a discount(Not on every product) as well, the only thing is:

Webmaster – As an admin, we only promote quality to our readers, and it is the most satisfying thing for us.

Reader’s – If our readers find our recommendation helpful, then they can go for the product, and services.

This concludes our Affiliate Disclosure by SharpLesson.