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Welcome to the Google Adsense tutorials, and today we will talk about the adsense calculator. Many new bloggers or the website owners must be concerned about the Adsense earning or how to find a way to calculate the adsense. To assist you with your query, we have decided to write about the adsense calculator. These are simple to use tools that will help you to find out the estimated earning based on the page impression, CTR and CPC. Now the question is, are you familiar of these three terms? If not, then let’s give a glimpse of eyes to learn the terms in seconds.

Adsense Calculator – Prerequisites

To use the Adsense calculator, you need to learn the three important terms:

Page impressions – Google counts the page viewed by the visitors. The Google will count one page view, it does not matter whether you are displaying one ad or 3 ads.

Page CTR – The page click through rate shows the ads clicked by the visitors. You can get this detail in your Google adsense dashboard.

Cost Per Click – The cost per click is the amount you will get, when your reader will click on the ads displayed on your website.

Note: These are the three important factors that will help you in calculating the adsense earnings.

Adsense Calculator – 7 tools that you can use.


You can use this adsense calculator to calculate your adsense earnings. Just fill any three fields and find the fourth one:

Page Impression – Just enter the page impression you have got in a month, day or in a week.

Page CTR – Just enter the page click through rate.

Cost per click – Enter the amount you are getting for the per ad click.

Earnings – You will get to know this, when you will enter the above three fields.

Note: after entering the relevant field just enter the calculate button, and you will see your answer.


This adsense calculator will let you estimate your earning by using:

  • Page Impressions
  • Click Rate
  • Cost Per Click

Note: Just enter the above things and press the calculate button. You will see your estimated earnings.


This Adsense Calculator will not only help you to find the daily adsense earnings, but it will also help you to find the estimated monthly and yearly earnings. Just enter the same details:

  • Daily page Impressions
  • CTR
  • CPC

After entering the details, just click the check now button.

Site Adsense

This Adsense calculator will require a few things to calculate your adsense earnings:

  • Keywords
  • Search made on those keywords
  • Cost per Click for those keywords.

Once you will enter the above details, just click the calculate button and you will see the result on the next page.


This adsense calculator is a good choice for the readers. To protect the spam activities, they have captcha protection. Just enter the below said details, and calculate your adsense earnings.

  • Page impressions
  • Click Through Rate
  • Cost Per Click

Note: This adsense calculator will help you to look for the factors that will affect your adsense earnings.

SEO Tools

This Adsense calculator is similar to the above SEO chat tools. You can trust on the estimation provided by this tool. Enter the same details, like:

  • Page impression
  • Click Through Rate
  • Cost Per click

This tool will also help you to find out the factors that will constrain you to earn more from your adsense ads.


This adsense calculator works differently as compared to above mentioned tools. They require some information to calculate your revenue:

  • What’s your blog/site offers to the visitors?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What kind of traffic you get?
  • Ways you have chosen to monetize.

Once you will provide such details, you will get the estimated revenue of the similar websites.

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We have just covered the Adsense calculator that will help you to find out the estimated earnings of yours on the daily, monthly or yearly basis. The use of an Adsense calculator will motivate the new webmasters to go for the organic traffic.