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Welcome to sharplesson and thanks for showing your interest in knowing more about us. It is a platform which assists internet users on Education, Technology,  Seo, Web design, Web Hosting, Template design, Html, CSS,  PHP-Mysql, JavaScript and Games creation.

We at Sharp Lesson provide quality content with descriptive and short solution with examples, our motive is to educate others with ease and that is why our theme is “ Sharp the world | Educate Yourself”. Simple and sharp solutions for you so that you can tell others about Sharp Lesson or  can guide self. We believe in saving time and money of users and that is why, we have used images, short tips, examples to describe the topic in short articles.

About our Team:

Sharp Lesson is a team work and it is just because of our team, we have created and implemented our dream into reality. It’s never wrong to see a  dream, but to fulfill it at ground level is a must for the success of your dream, that is what as a team we did. Our team has creative people, innovative people, thinker (beyond the wall),designer and implementer.  This is a short description of our team and if you want to know more about us then follow us on Facebook.

About Man behind sharplesson:

Yes , right now we are at section which will describe  Mr. Sunil Kumar, who is the mind behind everything and because of his initiation we worked as a team and he acted  as a coordinator and trust me the way he bounded us is incredible. We learnt from him the basic of success “Never Say No | Think Positive” and we followed him and see even in our first year we had gotten a huge response and even now  it is having a tremendous presence in the world.

Mr. Kumar has done schooling from kendriya vidyalaya (Central School) and graduated from Rockwood Business School, he had worked in  Banking , Education and IT sectors at different levels. Mr. Kumar with his experience and creativity has Launched Sharp Lesson.

 What you will get at Sharp Lesson:

You learnt about team and founder of SharpLesson, now we will talk about what you will get at sharp Lesson. We provide short and descriptive tutorials to help newbies and intermediate to remove the obstacle that they have found in their way. Let’s see how:

  • You can download Lesson’s in Pdf form.
  • You can download our video Lesson’s, if you do not want in Pdf one.
  • Can view our video lectures on youtube and other video streaming sites.

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