Welcome to the Web tuts page of sharplesson, This page is all about tutorials on Html, CSS, JavaScript, CSS3, Html5 and Php-MySQL. We at SharpLesson tried our best to provide you  with an easy to understand and never to forget solutions.

We have designed our web tuts by keeping in mind various levels:

  • Novice( fresh user)
  • Intermediate user
  • Experienced user
  • Professional user

If you are a starter, then first go to our Html tutorial and then move to CSS and so on.


Web tuts – Html

Our first web tuts is on Html, using html you can create your own website. So sharp your mind to create a quality website for your own. Let’s see what we have for you:

HtmlComplete step by step Tutorial.

ExamplesStep by step Examples.

Small project(Freshers)Test your knowledge

Real time Project (intermediate users)paid users only

Web tuts – CSS

Next web tuts will be CSS, CSS will make your website more presentable, and to do that you need to learn the basics of CSS at least. Let’s see what we have covered in our CSS tutorial:

CSSStep by Step tutorials

Examplesclear your doubts

Small project(Freshers) Sharp your mind here

Real time Project (intermediate users) paid users

Web tuts – JavaScript

After CSS, we will cover JavaScript in our web tuts, JavaScript is a prototype based programming language, which supports object oriented and functional programming style as well. Let’s see what we have in JavaScript:

JavaScript Tutorials


Small project(Freshers)

Real time project(Intermediate users)

Web tut- PHP-MySQL

The last but not the least topic that we will cover in our web tuts is Php-MySQL, By using PHP you can create web-based designs or applications. Let’s see what we have here for you:

PHP-MySQL Tutorial

ExamplesCheck your knowledge

Small projects(freshers) Check your capability

Real time Project(Intermediate users) Paid users only

Later we will include other window based programming language as well. Enjoy your ride at SharpLesson, you will see the ease of learning, and how easily you can teach others as well. SharpLesson is working on “ Sharp the world | Educate Yourself”.

We will appreciate your efforts on letting others to learn from our web tuts, by doing this you will help others to become sharper. Yes, this is the name we have given our readers, Let’s make other person to sharp enough in web technology, so that he can compete with other sharpers of different levels.