Welcome to the money making tutorial, we already covered pay per click and infolinks earning. Today we will discuss how to monetize your website using pay per impression advertisement. Before jumping on to the list of the best ad networks, first learn:

  • What is pay per impression?
  • Pros of pay per impression
  • Cons of pay per impression

Once you will get the answers to the above questions, then you can decide whether you want to go for pay per impression or pay per click.

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What is pay per impression?

CPM is the short for cost per thousand impressions, yes, it is a 1000. It is the rate that a publisher will receive from the advertiser for displaying ads on a website or a blog. Once you will reach 1000 impression mark, you can see some credit in your affiliate account. When you will cross the minimum payment threshold set by the advertiser, you can expect some money from them.

Pros of Pay Per Impression

  • Safe Money – You can earn good money, if you are getting huge traffic.
  • No click required – The good part of the CPM ads are, no action required. Just a visitor will visit your website and you are done.

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Cons of Pay Per Impression

  • Low Income – Ad networks will offer you low CPM rates, and if your website traffic is not rich, then you will not be able to earn enough for the site maintenance.
  • Region – Some ad networks will pay according to the region, like some will pay high CPM rates for traffic from US or UK.

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Pay per impression – List of websites

List of Pay per impression for a high traffic site.

Tribal fusion

If your website gets more than 5000 unique users /day, then you can apply as a publisher at Tribal Fusion. Tribal Fusion has high CPM rates, which is good for webmasters. The tribal fusion will pay 55% of revenue to the publishers.


The minimum payout is $50 via Check.

Burst Media

If your website is getting 5 thousand unique visitors and 25000 in total, then Burst Media is heaven for you. As a Burst Media publisher you can control the types of ads on your website, and you can expect high CPM rates.


The minimum payout $50 via PayPal or Check.

Casale Media (Index exchange)

Casale media are now known as Index exchange that offers high CPM rates to their publisher. The only thing they want is, your website should get 50000 unique visitors/month. If your website is eligible, then Casale Media is the best pay per impression ad network to use.


For payment, just check out the index exchange for payment information.

Vibrant Media

It’s a premium contextual ads providing ad networks. A high CPM rates for a publisher, the more traffic you will get, more you will earn from it. The only thing with Vibrant Media is, you need to have a high traffic.


Check for the payment and its way to the credit account.


It is a part of AOL ad network, and you can join it only if you have high traffic. You can expect high pay per impression (eCPM) rates.


The minimum payout is $25 via Check.


Epom ads network has a good option of CPM, CPC and CPA campaigns. If you are planning to join epom, then you need to have 500000 page views/month.


The minimum payout is $100 via Check or PayPal.


The Adpepper is a good pay per impression networks for those who are getting 50000 page views/month. They are sharing  70% with a publisher and it is good for low traffic websites.


For payment details you can check adpepper website.

CPX Interactive

If your website gets 30000 monthly visitors, then you can apply for a publisher program by the CPX interactive. You can say, they are reliable and famous for timely payouts.


The CPX interactive will pay you $100 via check.


The BannerConnect offers a good fill rate for all countries. The eCPM (pay per impression) rates offered by the BannerConnect are a bit low as compared to other ad networks.


The minimum payout is $30 via PayPal or Electronic funds Transfer.


If your website traffic is 50000 page views/month, then you can join BuySellAds as a publisher. You can sell your ad space at your cost, BuySellAds will give you maximum of the amount and it will cut a small amount as a fee.

Payment :

The BuySellAds will pay you via PayPal and for the minimum payouts, just check their website.

List of Pay per impression for a low traffic site.

Technorati Media

Technorati media have a good reputation and relationship with agencies. You can expect high pay per impression (CPM) rates, for other details can give a visit to Technorati Media.


The minimum payout is $50 via PayPal.


Adversal is a good choice for those you have 50000 page views/month. If your content is not original or impressive, then forget to apply. But your content is yours and it is not an adult contents, then join Adversal as a publisher.


The minimum payout is 20$ via PayPal or Check.


There is no such traffic requirement, and it means anyone can join Chitika ad networks. If you will refer publisher or advertiser, then you will earn 10% commission for that as well.


The minimum payout is $10 via PayPal and $50 via Check.


Infolinks is an In-text link based pay per impression network, you don’t require any space or banner for using In-text links. It simply means that, you can use Google Adsense or other alternative to monetize your blog or a website. Getting approved by Infolinks is not a tough task for a new blogger.


Minimum Payout $50 via PayPal or wire transfer


It is good for everyone, no boundation of traffic as such. The Bidvertiser is not a pay per impression ad network, but it is good for new blogger and that is why we have added in the list. You will be paid for valid clicks and conversion.


The minimum payout is $10 via PayPal or  $100 via Check.

ValueClick Media ( Conversant Media)

The valueClick median now conversant media are good for new bloggers. If your website gets more than 3000 page views/month, then you can apply for ValueClick Media. The valueclick media offer cost per click and cost per impression, and they offer high CPM rates. The only thing with ValueClick Media is they don’t accept websites that are hosted on the free services.


The minimum payout is $25 via PayPal or Check.


Quadabra is a good ad network for lower traffic sites or a blog. It is quite easy to join as a publisher for a quadabra. The best part is you can use Quadabra along with the Google Adsense.


The minimum payout is $1 via PayPal, $20 via Payoneer and $500 via wire transfer.

PulsePoint ( Contextweb)

Contextweb is now PulsePoint and they will offer your own pay per impression rates. If you will refer any publisher to pulsepoint, then you will get some reward for that as well.


The minimum payout is $50 via Check or PayPal.

Duggi Ads Media

Duggi ads can be joined by new bloggers, because they don’t have any minimum requirement for traffics. As per the Duggi, they are paying 80% of revenue to their publishers. At last, the Duggi ads are easy to implement in your websites.


The minimum payouts are $5 via PayPal/Payza and $500 via wire transfer.


Propeller Ads are good for everyone, they offer High pay per impression rates with 100% fill rate. Just join a propeller ad and start monetizing your blog/website.


For minimum payouts and other information, you can visit propeller ads.


As per the ValuePubMedia network, they offer a 100% fill rate, and have high pay per impression rates. They have a multiple ad formats for publishers to choose from. It is good for new bloggers, because they just require a minimum of 5000 page views/month.


The minimum payout is $5 via PayPal, Check, or Bank Wire.

Note: We have seen some review about ValuePubMedia as a scam, so better not to use it.


eDomz ad network has both pay per impression and popup ads, decide which one is good for your website. According to the eDomz, they have got the high paying brands, It means you can expect high pay per impression or Popup rates. If you are a new blogger or a website owner, then you can apply for it.


The minimum payout is $5 via PayPal, this is good for the new blogger.


If you are a new blogger, then join Adcash network. If your website contains quality content, then traffic is not an issue for them. They offer highest pay per impression rates on international traffics.


They will pay via PayPal, Payoneer and Bank wire. For minimum payouts just refer adcash site.


The PopCash is a good place for starters, if you have a new blog or a website. Then popcash is a good choice for you. In fact, you can make good money, because they accept traffic from the world. They have a daily payout option as well.


The minimum payout is $10 via PayPal, Paxum or Payza.


Gunggo ad network is good for low traffic blogs or a website. If your website traffic is 10000  unique visitor/month, then you can apply for Gunggo as a publisher.


The minimum payout is $50 via Check, PayPal, Payoneer and $250 via wires.

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We have listed best Pay per impression ad networks for both the websites (Low traffic and High traffic). Before signing up for a publisher program, you just check for the updates or new rules by the above pay per impression ad networks.


What next? Next we will see how to make money from the files sharing?

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