Welcome to the SEO tutorial, we already covered link building strategies, and today we will discuss Paid links. Paid links are a gray area, and we will not talk whether it is ethical or not, better avoid paying links which will affect rank. In this tutorial, we will cover below topics:

  • What is paid link?
  • Permanent Paid link
  • Temporary Paid link
  • Place to buy paid link?
  • What to do or not to do with paid link?

Note: If you are following google’s guideline, then things are on your way, else you will trigger a red flag.

learn paid links

 Paid links – Define

Sometimes a name itself says everything, and here paid links tells its own story,Let’s see what it says:

A link for which one should have paid directly or indirectly.

You can say, A link obtained other than an organic or natural way.

Paid links – Permanent

Permanent links are those links which will be there for last long, and it is best for SEO and it will help you to build your site’s authority as well. You paid once for these links and it will be there on the internet, until the website owner’s or admin will not delete that link.

Ways to get permanent links

  • Placement in site’s link section
  • A review on a blog.
  • Topics posted on discussion forums.

Note: We called it permanent links, because it is near to permanent, until the site is not offline or the site is redone.

Paid links – Temporary

Temporary links mean temporary( which is not permanent) paid  placement of a link. For example, let’s suppose you paid for an advertisement for your keyword, It doesn’t mean that you bought a link, rather you can say you bought a paid listing for a particular period of a time.

Note: We will not recommend it, because you may be buying a listing for a month or two, but search engines take time to give you some benefits. And by the time your listing time is over. 

  Places to get paid links

Plenty of options are available for getting paid links, some are new and some are old fellows:

Blog reviews – Good to have, but don’t purchase from a blog that have many paid posts.

Direct contact with blogger’s/ website owners.

Forums – that allows signatures

Text link ads – It is like you are paying someone for putting your website text links.

Directory submission – manually submit your website to quality directories only.

Points to Remember

  • Paid links and advertisements which will affect rankings will put you in google’s bad list.
  • Try to use no-follow or the redirect methods, so that it will not affect ranking.
  • Make sure that the third party ad networks will not affect rankings
  • Never buy links in packages.
  • Never buy links from sites ( who market about selling links).
  • If you want to buy a link, then assure it is a relevant one.
  • Buy links on individual pages, rather than going for site-wide links.
  • Deal directly with site owners.


We have just covered paid links, we believe our users will not harm their website by violating the google’s policies on paid links. Better don’t test search engines with your sharp mind, else you will get rewards, but in a negative way.

What next? Next we will see Keyword finder tool.

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