We have seen many people asking questions on “How to make money online” or ” ways to make money online”. So our team has decided to write about money making tutorial and it includes both Online and offline ways.

 Topic + Plan + Quality Work = Earn Money

If you are looking for legitimate money making methods, then do go through this guide step by step. Choose any one or more, and enjoy working from home, part time or full time.


Make Money Online

You can make money online with many ways, and we have topics as per the categories.

Earn without website

We will first talk about the ways to make money, if you don’t have a website. Yes, there are lots of ways through which you can earn money. In this section we will see what are those ways to collect money:

  • Become an affiliate
  • File Sharing – Learn how you can earn money from sharing a file.
  • Write e-book
  • Write tutorials – There are many websites, who will pay you to share your expertise on many topics.
  • Online Surveys
  • Forum Discussion
  • Earn by completing offer
  • Flip a domain ( its like a Property consultant)

Earn with Own Website

Now we will see, what we can do with a website. If you have a website, then you will be equipped with many options other than ‘making money without website’. Let’s see what are those ways to monetize your website effectively:

Earn with WordPress

In this section we will see the methods to earn from a WordPress, If you have technical knowledge like Html, CSS, JavaScript, PHP-MySQL, then at SharpLesson we will let you know ” How to make money” from your skills:

  • Create a WordPress theme
  • Create a WordPress plugins

Earn with Tumblr

  • Create a Tumblr theme

Earn with Blogger

  • Create a Blogger theme

Create a Games

  • Create a browser base games
  • Create a Window base games
  • Create games in html5