Welcome to the second topic of SEO Guide, because we have already discussed SEO and its importance. Before jumping to How to do keyword research, do you know what is keyword  and keyword research?. If not, then at SharpLesson we will see the magic of keyword research. First we will understand the keywords and its uses, then we will move to how to do keyword research.

What is a Keyword

Don’t you think the keyword itself says everything?, But to understand how to do keyword research, we need to clear our concept of keyword as well. Let’s break keyword and see what its detached words say?.

learn how to do keyword research


Now you must have got the idea about key or word, In simple term key is a solution for a problem and word is a collection of character, which will make sense when organized in a meaningful way. Same way keyword(key + word) is a Pillar or the foundation of an SEO campaign for your website. That is why, you should know ” how to do keyword research”.

What is Keyword Research

It is the process of finding what keywords are used by internet users in search engines. People will search for specific keywords or will type a sentence to get the exact result. The search engines will show the relevant result on the basis of keyword, this is why It is very important to  include relevant keywords within the website content that you will create.

Types of Keyword Research

We will learn types of keyword research and  how to do keyword research for that type of keyword. We will understand it with practical examples to clear the concept of keyword research.

  • Broad keyword
  • Specific keyword
  • Exact keyword

How to do keyword research for Broad keywords:

A broad match or broad keyword is used by many people to search for, why? Because they must be having ideas about the thing, but they don’t bother about the search results. Let’s say for example:

Broad keyword = Phone 


Look at the above picture, we searched for a broad keyword “phone” on Google, You can easily see the result. At the end of this section, you will for sure say, yes i know how to do keyword research for a broad keyword.

It is 4,11,00,00,000 , now tell me where you will find a website which have:

  • Just started
  • No PageRank
  • Used broad keyword.

It is same like, you are standing in a queue to see your superstar, but the countless public is ahead of you. You can see him without noticed, do you want the same for your website?.

Do you know why Phone keyword has returned that countless result? Because we have just mentioned phone, it will show all branded phones(mobile and land-line) and all price ranges. But if we could have mentioned Samsung phone or Samsung smart phone, then we would have got the exact result for the Samsung brand.

Now if you will use the phone as your keyword, then tell me where you will find your website? Because, already there are millions of websites ahead of you. Try it yourself, search for a broad keyword and see the results. I hope you have cleared your doubt regarding the broad keyword and how to do keyword research for a broad match.

Why not to use Broad match keyword

It is very hard to get ranked #1 for these keywords, because there are many websites that will have a one or more article that will mention a smart phone. Being a newcomer, if you will use a broad keyword, then better watch out the result for the same.

Why to use Broad match keyword

Yes, it is true that it is a hard nut to crack, if you will use broad keywords. But if you will manage to rank well for broad match keywords, then a great traffic will hit your website.

Note: If you are a beginner and your business is not having tight competition, then do go for broad keywords.

How to do keyword research for Specific keywords

Specific keywords will contain the words, which will make the search more targeted one. Specific  keywords are used by the person who know what exactly he/she wants. Let’s say for example

Specific keyword = Lg 160 android touch

how to do keyword research specific


Look at the above picture, Now we have searched for a  specific keyword – Lg 160 android touch in google and see the results. It is in just Lakhs and to be precise it is 3,24000. Now you tell me why we have got result in just few Lakh?. The answer is very simple, instead of searching for broad things, we narrowed it down to a specific brand with model number. The Specific keywords are much less competitive and are easy to rank on search engines. You will get less volume of searches per month for specific keywords.

Why not to use Specific keyword

You cannot expect large traffic for this, why? Because, if you wish to search for mobile then I will not search for the same. I can search for millions of items available on the internet, like pen, pencil, computer, book, movies etc.

Why to use Specific keyword

It is quite easy to rank for specific keywords and you will get targeted traffic for the same.

How to do keyword research for Unique keywords

Unique keywords are freebie keywords, why freebie? Let’s for example, you have launched a product called “ ZXY123 phone” and, because of its quality, it got viral. It means, you will get traffic for that product. Now ZXY123 phone will become unique keywords for you, if you will forget to optimize it on your website then for sure your competitor will use it.

how to do keyword research unique

Keyword Research Tools

As of now, we have learned the keyword and how to do keyword research for it. Now we will see what is Keyword research tools and how to do keyword research with these tools.

It is a tool to find out a keyword for your content, either high competition or low. Before using it, make sure you know what is keywords and how to do keyword research.


  • You can use it to find out the competition for the keywords
  • You can look for the search volume.

Tools for Keyword Research

Well if you are looking for free tool, then Google keyword planner is a best option. And if you want a professional touch then learn how to do keyword research, which we have covered and use any of below tool.


Now we have completed keyword, keyword research, how to do keyword research and keyword research tools. If you have got any query and want suggestion on keyword research, then do write to us: sharplesson[at]yahoo.com.

What next?, in the next topic we will learn what is page rank and its importance.

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