Welcome to the web hosting tutorials, and today we will talk about the Justhost hosting. We have already covered the top rated web hosting that one can choose. In case, if you are looking for more discounts, than Justhost web hosting is a good option as well. The Justhost plans are good for a small money investor, and you can try any Justhost plan, using discount coupon by the SharpLesson . The benefit of using Justhost discount is:

  • You will get any plan at 60% discount.
  • Take your money back, if you are not satisfied.

It simply means, that we want our reader’s to get satisfaction, and if possible discounts as well. In case, you find any sort of difficulty, then claim your money, and look for the other best web hosting providers.

JustHost – Features

The Justhost web hosting is for everyone, from the fresh starter to the business owner, who want to expand his/her business. Now let’s give a quick look on the benefits that is required by the new, existing or frustrated bloggers.

Free Domain Name Registration – You will get one free domain registration, or you have an existing website, then can transfer for free.

Note: In case, you will claim your money back, then they will deduct domain registration charge. Otherwise it is free of cost.

Unlimited Hosting space – Now you need not to worry about the shortage of the space for your web documents. You can put unlimited web documents, including text files, images, or even videos.

Note: Just try to minimize the size of the web documents to enjoy it far better way.

Unlimited Email Accounts – Yes, if you are running a small business, then feel free to provide official email accounts to your employees.

Note: Allocate a particular storage/ email account, and it will probably help you to synchronize the email accounts.

Unlimited Data Transfer – It means, you will not see account suspension for the period of time, because of the overuse of the bandwidth. In fact, it will help you to get countless traffic as well.

Note: Avoid holding the system resources for longer time. It will help you to go flawlessly.

Unlimited Domain Hosting – With your one hosting account, you can host unlimited domains. It is a good option for someone who is looking to start the network of the blog or websites.

24 by 7 Customer Support – The customer support is very much important for you and the web hosting providers as well. Why? Because they will lose their clients if they will not support them well in their problem. The Justhost will provide you the Customer supports via three ways:

  • Chat
  • Email
  • Phone

Money Back guarantee (30 days) – You will get 30 days to claim your money back. It means, if you are not satisfied with the Just host  services, then you can get your money back.

Note: They will deduct domain registration fees, and return your all money. Yes, you can keep your website name with you.

Uptime – The Justhost claims about the 24 by 7 network monitoring, and in case any issue will come into existence, then they will solve it quickly.

Note: According to the Justhost, their data center is having a UPS- power backup generator.

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JustHost – Plans/discounts

Starter Plan

The starter plan is for the new blogger, business owner or the one who is completely new to the online world. Let’s check the plan, what Justhost price is? And how you can use Sharplesson coupons to get benefits.

Duration    Price       SharpLesson’s Offer   Saving

12 month   $5.99/month    $3.95/month         $24.48

24 month   $5.99/month    $2.95/month         $72.96

36 month   $5.99/month    $2.50/month         $125.64

Benefits of the Justhost Starter plan:

  • You will save $24.48, if you will go for the 12 month plan. Instead of paying $5.99/month, you need to pay just $3.95/month.
  • The 24 month option will let you save $72.96, and you will just pay $2.95/month.
  • If you will go for the 36 month option, then instead of paying $5.99/month, you will have to pay just $2.50/month. In this process, you will save $125.64, and I think now you can understand the benefits of using sharplesson’s discount offer.
  • Setup Free.
  • Domain Registration Free.

Sign up for starter plan at $2.50/month.

Plus Plan

The Plus plan by the Justhost web hosting will give you more option as compared to the starter plan. In fact, with this plan you will save more money as well. How? By simply using our discount coupon link. Let’s see what are the benefits you will get:

Duration   Price        SharpLesson’s Offer    Saving

12 month   $9.99/month     $5.95/month         $48.48

24 month   $9.99/month     $4.95/month        $120.96

36 month   $9.99/month     $4.50/month        $197.64

Benefits that you will get:

  • For 12 month plan, you will have to pay just $5.95/month. It means, you will save $48.48, that you could not save by paying the $9.99/month.
  • If you will go for 24 months, then you will save $120.96. It means, you will pay just $4.95/month, instead of paying $9.99/month.
  • The 36 month plan will let you save $197.64. Instead of paying $9.99/month, you will pay just $4.50/month.
  • Setup Free.
  • Domain Registration Free.
  • $200 marketing offer.

Sign up for the Plus plan $4.50/month.

Business Pro Plan

This plan will best suit those businesses, who are looking for more benefits, and the expansion of the current blog, website or the business. Let’s see what you will get here:

Duration   Price         SharpLesson’s Offer   Saving

12 month   $19.99/month    $14.95/month        $60.48

24 month   $19.99/month    $11.95/month       $192.96

36 month   $19.99/month    $9.95/month        $361.44

Benefits that you will get:

  • The 12 month plan will let you save the $60.48. It means, instead of paying $19.99/month, you will just pay $14.95/month.
  • If you will go for the 24 month plan, then you will save $192.96. Just pay $11.95/month, instead of paying the full $19.99/month.
  • The 36 month plan will let you save $361.44. It means you will pay $9.95/month, and by using our discount offer, you can avoid paying $19.99/month.
  • Setup Free.
  • Domain Registration Free.
  • $200 (marketing offer).
  • 1 dedicated IP address.
  • 2 SpamExperts.
  • 1 SSL certificate.
  • Domain Privacy Protection Free.
  • Site backup Pro Free.

Sign Up for the Business Pro plan @ $9.95/month.

Justhost Hosting – How to get a Discount?

This is the important section of this tutorial. Now we will learn how to use our discount links or discount coupon to avail the benefits. We will understand it in steps:

The coupons that you can use are:

SLJH60 - 60% discount.

SLJH50 - 50% discount.

SLJH57 - 57% discount.

Step 1: Visit Just host website.

Step 2: Select the plan which you want to go for, and click the select button.

Step 3: Now, here you have to put the Discount coupon that you wish to use, and enter your desired website name. Once done, just click the next button, and see the magic “ You will get the discount”.

check justhost coupon.

Step 4: Now fill the required details like you’re your name, address, and the duration of the plan and etc.
Step5: Enjoy your ride, and if you will get injured, then get your money back. It is that much simple.


We have just covered the Justhost plans, and how you can use sharplesson’s platform to get the discount up to 60%. In fact, at any point of time you will find the problem, then Justhost is there for you. If you still find, you should not continue with this web host, then ask for the refund.

What next? Next we will see the Justhost WordPress hosting and its benefits.

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