Welcome to the link building strategies, we already discussed social media, blog comments, discussion forums. And today we will talk about infographic sites. Information graphics are used to present the visual presentation of data. If you want to dominate the social world, then you can create a quality information using graphics. Because it will let you noticed by the readers, as compared to the text format of your post. And the reason behind this is, many people don’t have patience to read full article. But they can understand graphically  in short time as well. The infographic sites will let you create or upload your infographics.


What is infographic?

Infographics is a productive way of  representing an article or post into a picture to your readers. It will let your users to get the information with a time saving efforts. What else you want, if your reader appreciates you by visiting again and again, because they got the quality on your site, then  it’s bingo for you.

Learn infographic sites

Infographic sites – Benefits

  • It will help you to get exposure and build a relationship with the audience or sites.
  • You will get a dofollow link from an infographic site.
  • You can expect huge traffic, if your content liked by many.
  • It will help you to boost your page rank as well.

Infographic sites – List

Now let’s see the list of Infographic sites, from where you can enjoy traffic, links and can improve your page rank as well.

Site Rank                                            Website

9                                                                Flickr

8                                                                reddit

8                                                                mashable

7                                                                visualising

7                                                                visual

6                                                                datavisualization

6                                                                business2community

6                                                                9gag

6                                                                magazine

6                                                                coolinfographics

6                               ��                                chartporn

5                                                                easel

5                                                                infographicsshowcase

4                                                                submitinfographics

4                                                                loveinfographics

4                                                                infographicsmania

4                                                                pdviz

3                                                               html5infographics

3                                                               newsilike

3                                                               infographic-directory

3                                                               infographicsite

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Disadvantages of Infographic sites

Now let’s see the disadvantages of using infographics. Yes, it is our responsibility to let our readers to know the pros and cons of a content published on SharpLesson. So let’s see what are these:

  • Cost you money – Yes, it is not an easy to create graphics. And if you are not familiar with technical things, then for sure you will hire a graphic designer or agency. It only means you will lose some money from your pocket.
  • Time consuming – If you are looking for a quality information graphics, then you have to give time to research, designed and finalize the content to promote. And it is not a day’s work, or probably promotion part will take months as well.
  • Effort to fail – What if after investing money on creating a quality info graphic will turn into no or hard to get visits from readers? So try to work on all aspects of promotion as well.


We have just covered infographic sites, and its pros and cons to clear any sort of doubt in our reader’s mind. Graphics are a better option, if used in a fruitful way, otherwise time, money and motive, they all going to waste. If you will get success, then enjoy huge traffic, improved ranking and domain authority as well.

What next? Next we will see Best social networking sites.

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