Html  stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, as the name suggests it is a markup language and it is used by a web designer or web developers to describe the web pages or a web document. Html itself in the combination with “CSS” and “JavaScript” will help in creating web designs either static or dynamic.

Learn + Practice = Expert

Just stick with the basics, ” learn it and practice it “. At SharpLesson you will get many chances to practice what you have learnt and that is why we are different and unique platform.


Html – Introduction

Basics for Beginners

Practice time: Let’s create one page html website. Enjoy a Complete solution ( complete Html tutorial + source code + 5 website template from scratch)  to get perfection.


Html – Text

 Text and Its attribute

  • Intro – Text
  • Text Size
  • Font
  • Basefont
  • Text Format
  • Text Links
  • Text Design

Practice time: Let us implement the uses of text tag in one page website, which we have created in above section. Want more advance practice then sharpLesson will assist you.


Html – Lists

List and Its type

  • Intro – List
  • Types of List
  • Unordered List
  • Ordered List
  • Description List

Practice time:Let’s  implement the uses of a list in one page website. Make sure you will do more practice, if you really want to become expert.


Html – Images

Image and its attributes

  • Intro – Images
  • Types of images
  • Image Syntax
  • Ways to Use
  • Re-size – Image
  • Border – Image
  • Alt text
  • Space – Image
  • Align – Image

Practice time: Images will play important role in the website design, and some how it plays vital role in SEO as well. Let’s practice the use of images in one page website.


Html – Links

Link and its Uses

  • Intro – Links
  • Create link
  • Use color on links
  • Link to email
  • Use links within a page
  • Links to open new window
  • Use links with images
  • Image mapping
  • Use target in link
  • Use links in frameset

Practice time: Let us practice the use of links in our one page website. If you want full tutorial with ease then store your copy.


Html – Background

 Importance of Background

  • Intro – Background
  • Background color
  • Background image
  • Fix background image

Practice time: We will practice what we have learnt, if you have any doubt then do go through it again. If not then move to “tables”, it is as important as we discussed other topics.


Html – Tables

Tables in Html

  • Table – Introduction
  • Table Syntax
  • Properties of Table
  • Row/Cell tags

Practice time: Lets see more examples of tables, remember the tables should be used for rendering data  and it should not be used for layout designs.


Html – Frames

 Frames and Its attributes

  • Intro – Frames
  • Create FrameSet
  • Border – FrameSet
  • Re-size – FrameSet
  • Scrollbars – FrameSet
  • Links – FrameSet
  • Default page – FrameSet

Practice time: ok remember one thing, you should know when to use or when not to use frames. If you want then do go through tutorial once again.


Html – Forms

Form and its fields

  • Intro – Forms
  • Form syntax
  • Input
  • Text Fields
  • Password
  • Reset
  • Submit
  • Check box
  • Radio Button
  • Select
  • Hidden fields
  • Upload
  • Text area

Practice time: Forms will allow the user to enter or edit data, and it is important to learn it with perfection. Let us practice forms with practical examples, want complete solution then get it with ease.


Html – Special Tags

Special tags

  • Meta tags
  • Style
  • Div
  • Layouts
  • Entities
  • Scripts

Practice time: Lets see more examples of Special tags. It is most important topic, and if you will get perfection in it, then you can design quality web layouts with ease.


Html – Color

Color and its types

  • Intro – Color
  • Decimal – Color
  • Hexadecimal – Color
  • RGB – Color

Practice time: Lets see more examples of color. Colors will help you to create decorative and pleasing website, enjoy the topic with ease.

 Html – References


  • List – tags
  • Attributes
  • Doctypes
  • Color Name
  • Character Sets
  • Language code
  • Country code

If you have gone through entire Html guide, then make sure you will practice, practice and practice. If you want complete html tutorial with real time practical on webdesign, then SharpLesson is a better choice for your solution.

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