Html is a short form of Hyper Text Markup Language, too long to pronounce so we will use Html instead. Let us see the easy and fun way to understand Html Definition at SharpLesson.

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Html Definition

In very simple terms, Html is a markup language which describes web documents, web documents are simply a web page. Now you must be wondering, what is HyperText and Markup language? If not, then we gave you a point and let us see with example how easily we can clear our doubts.


Hypertext is a text which contains links  to other texts“.

Now let us understand hypertext with examples. We will use a simple example to understand Hypertext:

Simple text

“If you want to know about complete html, then SharpLesson is a quality choice”.

Note:Above example is a simple sentence and it is not having a link at all, which you can easily find out from the example. Now we will use the same example with links, it will clear your doubt about simple text and Hyper Text.

Hyper text

“If you want to know about complete html, then SharpLesson is a quality choice”.

Now you can see, we linked complete html and SharpLesson with other text. Now these text are having links and when you will click on it, will get that page details.Since they are addressing to another page or website, in other words, they are linking to them and that is why they are not simple text.

hypertext was the part of html definition and it is still not complete. Now we will see what is Markup Language, again we will make it easy to understand with quality examples.

Markup Language

A markup Language is a modern way to annotate (write) a document in a way that it will distinguish from the text.

Now let us understand by example, first we will use simple text and then try to use tags to understand markup language.

Simple text:

If you will like it, then do share or like us.

The above example is a simple text, which we  normally use while writing. Now we will see the use of tags and will see how it will affect the sentence.

Strong Tags:

Do not know tags?, no worries, we have covered every possible topic of Html. You will see in relevant topic, for now let us see what strong tag will do.

<strong>If you  will like it, then do share or like us.</strong>

This example will give you an output:

If you  will like it, then do share or like us.

Note: Strong tag will convert normal text into bold one.

Now see the difference, font has changed from normal to bold. The markup tags have not added anything in the line, but it changed the look. In the  normal way, you must have used colors to highlight topics, shade the important points and other ways to keep you inform on looking at content.

Same way we can use tags to decorate our web documents to make it different from normal text. Now html definition is complete and if you liked our content then do share it with friends or like us.


We have just covered Html definition, and unlike others we have not just covered the only Html definition, but also tried to show the real meaning of the Characters in the Html definition.

What next? Next we will see the Html page structure.

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