Welcome to the Web hosting tutorials, and today we will see how Hostgator WordPress hosting will let you fly? If you want to be a serious blogger, who want to earn as well, then probably you should go for the best web hosting service providers. Yes, Hostgator is one of them. If you want to create a blog using the WordPress CMS, then you have landed on a right place. In fact, we have seen queries on forum that why not to go for the free blogging platforms:

  • Blogger
  • WordPress

The answer is you can go for these free platforms, if:

  • You are a hobby blogger.
  • Earning money in the only motive.
  • Traffic does not matter to you.
  • Working part-time.

If your answer is no, then self hosted website is the best option, So what if it will cost you something, but ultimately it will let you earn more money.

check Hostgator WordPress.

Hostgator WordPress Web hosting – Benefits

It is very important to understand the benefits first, because you should know whether it is as per your priority or not?

  • Money Back Guarantee – Just choose any plan, use the services of the Hostgator WordPress hosting, and in case, you are not satisfied at all, then get your full money back, and you will get 45 days to decide.
  • Price – This is a very much important thing, you can purchase any of the Hostgator plans for just $0.01 for one month, and if you will like the services, then continue to otherwise get your money back. Just use the SharpLesson1cent coupon to avail this benefit.
  • One click Installation – If you are not a technical guy, then just click and install WordPress within a second.
  • Free Transfer Services – If you are not satisfied with your current web host, then Hostgator will let you transfer for free. Which no other web host is providing.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth – Yes, unlike other web hosts, you will get unmetered bandwidth, and hence you need not to worry about the limit of the bandwidth.
  • Uptime – The Hostgator claims that they guarantee 99.99% uptime, and it means unlike other web hosts, your website will not go down or offline at all.
  • Google Adwords offer – You will get a $100 credit to market your stuffs.
  • 4500 templates – You will get free template to choose from, it means you need not to buy theme or template.
  • Award winning Customer Support – They claim that they have a quality award winning service.
  • Unlimited ad-ons – You will get unlimited FTP accounts, sub domains and email accounts.

Hostgator WordPress Hosting – But Why?

You must be thinking, why one should go to the Hostgator WordPress hosting? Let’s understand it with the practical example, or rather examples.

Example one:

If you are new, and don’t know which web hosting is best? And you saw many website owners complaining about their web host, then probably you must be in a dilemma about the investing in which web hosting service provider?


Why don’t you try Hostgator WordPress hosting for free? Yes, right, we are saying it for free. Don’t worry, we are promoting Hostgator, and that is why as an affiliate we are allowed to give at least our readers such facility.  You can use our SharpLesson1cent coupon to get any plan (hatchling, baby, and Business) in just $0.01.

Now try Hostgator WordPress hosting for 1 month at 1 cent. If you will like the solution, then go ahead, otherwise you can get your investment with guarantee in 45 days. So don’t be in a list of the frustrated blogger that have invested money, but no option to get it back.

Example Two:

You have already a blog, but you are facing these problems:

  • Low website load speed.
  • Often website goes offline.
  • Account suspended for overuse of the bandwidth.
  • Lazy customer support.

Now you tell me you are not frustrated with such services? Then transfer to your Hostgator for free, yes for free. You can chose any Hostgator Coupon code that we have for our reader’s, and try to avail more discount. But you must be thinking you already cheated by your current web host, and why to trust Hostgator?


For your information, you can use the SharpLesson1cent coupon to test Hostgator for 1 month. If you are satisfied, then go for the same plan. If you know about the Hostgator, then you can use any Hostgator Coupon Code available by us.

Hostgator WordPress Web hosting – Plans

If you want to test Hostgator WordPress hosting for just one cent, then you can go for any of the below mentioned plans:

Plan/Dur     Pricing  Hostgator disc SharpLesson1cent

Hatchling/1m*  $8.95  $7.96 ($1.99)    $0.01

Baby/1 m*      $9.95  $7.96 ($1.99)    $0.01

Business/1 m*  $14.95 $11.96 ($2.99)   $05.01

You can see that even Hostgator discount is around $7.96 for one month, but our SharpLesson1cent coupon will let you use the same plan for one month in $0.01. It does not matter, whether you are a new blogger or the existing frustrated blogger, the only thing matters is “One should not penitence on their decision”. And, if you will get to test a big brand for almost free, then what else you want?

Note: 1 m* here means one month, get the Hostgator WordPress at $0.01 for one month.

Hostgator WordPress coupon – How you will use it?

Step 1: Visit the www.Hostgator.com.

Step 2: Click on the web hosting option in the menu.

Step 3: Now you have to decide whether you want to go for the hatchling plan, baby plan or the business plan. And click on the relevant plan’s sign up button.

Step 4: Fill the relevant details like domain name, package type, billing info, add additional services (optional) and just reach to the 5th number.

Step 5: Here you will see, Hostgator already has some code entered, Very smart Hostgator. Here you have to enter the SharpLesson1cent discount coupon to avail more benefit, as you will see the difference when you will enter the Hostgator coupon code by sharplesson.

Step 6: To check our discount coupon (SharpLesson1cent) validity, just hit the validate button, and you will see the difference of the savings, that we already mentioned.

Step 7: Click the checkout button and you are done with the discount.

Note: This coupon will be useful for 1 month, and if you don’t want to test Hostgator WordPress web hosting, because you are familiar about this web host, then You can use SHARPLESSON25 coupon to get the 25% discount on any plan.


We have just covered Hostgator WordPress web hosting that you can go for. The Hostgator is a top rated web host, and it is best for new or the existing blogger to successfully start a new career in the online business.

What next? Next we will see what are various Hostgator plans that you can buy using our Hostgator coupon?

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