Welcome to the home page of a sharplesson, at this page you will get a short glimpse of what we have on our site. SharpLesson is all about educating people on SEO, Webhosting, Blogging, Html, CSS, JavaScript, PHP-MySQL, online tools and templates.

In combination with the above, we have taught how to earn money with or without websites as well. Our theme is “Sharp the world | Educate Yourself”, and working strongly on it. The Home page will give you the idea, what is our motive? And what we have for you? Let’s see what home is having for you:

Blog – Home

learn home with blogWe are trying to give our level best support to the new bloggers or who want to start their career as a blogger. We will cover almost every topic related to blogging. For example, what is blogging? What is a post? How to create a blog in just 5 minutes? Etc. If you want to see our complete list of what we will cover, then you can visit the blog page. Just click on it to move from the home page to the relevant pages.

Web Hosting

home with web hostingWe have chosen to write about web hosting, because we believe this is very important for most of us. It doesn’t matter, whether you are a new webmaster or an experienced webmaster. You need to choose best web hosting providers. Just remember a few things:

  • Beware of cheap web hosting or free web hosting.
  • For fresh webmasters, shared hosting is the best choice.
  • For an experienced webmaster, Bandwidth, web space and up-time is very important.
  • For frustrated webmasters, you need to migrate to a better solution.

We have covered almost every corner of the web host and its features. The final conclusion is:

  • Bluehost – For new webmaster or who want to create blogs.
  • wpEngine – For experienced and frustrated webmasters. They charge a bit more to give you high quality satisfaction.

If you are looking for tutorial on web hosting, then you can check our quality articles on every topic. Because the home page is for the introduction part only.


home with seoWe have put SEO in the third position on the home page, because it is very important for any blogger. It doesn’t matter, whether you are a new blogger or an experienced blogger. You have to follow white hat SEO techniques in your blogging career. You have to understand the importance of SEO in depth, and that is why we have written quality articles on SEO.


Web tuts

home with web tutsWeb tuts has got fourth place in home page, because it is for new aspirants who want to learn web designing or web development. But before that, they need to learn the basics about:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Once you will learn the above topics, then you are eligible for free web template design, website design or even complete website development.  Check the quality of our articles, for sure you will find it easier and better than classes or coaching. Because they are charging for it, and here it is free online, and offline is at feasible prices.

Make Money

home with make moneyYou have chosen best web host, and created blog as well. Now what? You can monetize your blog via many means. What are those medium, and how effective they are? You will find each and every information in make money tutorials. In fact, we have shown how you can make money without having your website. Check the quality of articles in Make money tutorials to successfully monetize your website.

Enjoy your every moment at SharpLesson, It would be great if you could tweet or like us. We also take user inputs, if you have any query or suggestion, then write to us.