Welcome to the Google analytics tutorial, and today we will look for the Google rank checker tools. It is very important to understand the value of your website, and how well you will compete in this competitive world. The page rank was the Google’s method to understand the page’s importance and its relevance. If your website and its pages have got the quality in terms of the domain or page authority, then you will get high page rank and if not, then you can expect any page rank from 0 to 10.

Google Rank Checker – Why to use?

Your website will get the advertisers or you can sell your website, only you have proven record. If you will get the page rank from Google, then what else any buyer or advertisers require?

check Google rank checker tools.

To get their attention many webmaster try’s to fool their reader and the rest of the world by faking page ranks. To avoid being cheated by such webmasters you need to check the accuracy and relevancy of the website. The other reason probably would be to do the competitor analysis, and it will let you overpass or come nearer to your competitors.

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Google Rank Checker – List of tools

Pagerank Checker

This Google rank checker tool will not only check the page rank, but it will help you to find:

  • Domain authority
  • Global rank
  • Links

How to use?

You just enter your website URL, and hit the check domain button. Yes, don’t forget to verify the Capatcha.

Page rank: 5

Alexa Rank: 6900

Website: http://checkpagerank.net

Serps tool

This Google rank checker tool will not check the page or a website rank. Instead, it will find the keywords rank and check the search engine result page. You can use it for:

  • SERP checker – You will get 200+ results for the mentioned keywords. Like this you can find what site is ranked in the top 100, 150 or 200 for any search engine result page.
  • Mobile keywords – You can find which mobile friendly website is doing well for the specific keywords.
  • Local keywords – You can check rank of the keywords for the local areas as well.

How to use?

Just enter the keyword, select the device (mobile or desktop), and enter the country for the desired results. Last step is to hit the check rankings button, and wait for a second and you will see the result.

Page rank: 2

Alexa Rank: 10583

Website: https://serps.com/tools

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Small SEO tools

The small SEO tools will protect you from being scammed. Some website shows fake page rank to get buyers or the advertisers. To save you from such fraud, this Google rank checker tool has the option of the Red results. If found red, then it is fake one.

How it will work?

This Google rank checker tool is easy to use. Just enter the URL of your site, verify the Capatcha and then hit the check page rank button.

Page rank: 2

Alexa Rank: 1662

Website: http://smallseotools.com/google-pagerank-checker/

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This Google rank checker tool will let you check the page rank of your website with the current status. In fact, you can put their page rank icon to your site and it will help you to display the page rank of your site.

How to use?

It is a one step method, just put your website URL, and hit the check PR button, and see the result.

Page rank: 7

Alexa Rank: 9923

Website: http://www.prchecker.info/check_page_rank.php

PR Checker

This Google rank checker tool is different in use, you will not only get to see the Google’s page rank, but you will get results for:

  • Alexa rank website badge.
  • Website worth badge.
  • Page authority website Badge.
  • SEOmoz Rank website Badge.
  • SEMrush Rank website Badge.

How to use?

Just enter the URL of your website, and wait for some seconds to get the website badge for different page rank checker tools..

Page rank:  Unranked

Alexa Rank: 79462

Website: https://prchecker.net/

Google rankings

This Google rank checker tool will help you to find the Google page ranking, if you have a SOAP API Key. Now google doesn’t give API key, and hence webmasters those have SOAP API key can test their website rank.

How to use?

You can use a Google rankings tool by putting your URL, and if you are not having the key, then uncheck the Google search. Click on the’ what’s my rank’ button to get the result.

Page rank:  4

Alexa Rank: 85078

Website: http://www.googlerankings.com/

SEO Centro tools

You will get the current page rank status for your website or any website.

How to use?

This Google rank checker tool is very easy to use, just enter your URL, verify the Capatcha and hit the submit button.

Page rank:  5

Alexa Rank: 9676

Website: http://www.seocentro.com/tools

Page Rank

You can check any websites page rank  or web pages.

How to use?

Like other tools this google rank checker tool is easy to use tool. The best part is, you can check 20 web pages URL in a single click. Just mention URL/line and verify the security check. The last step you will do is to click the submit button and wait for the result.

Page rank: 4

Alexa Rank: 74538

Website: http://www.pagerank.net/pagerank-checker/

Instant Page Rank Checker

This Google rank checker tool is free to use, you can find any websites or webpages page rank. There is no security check as well. Just remember a few things:

  • Your browsers, JavaScript need to be activated.
  • Put the correct URL, because the instant page rank checker will not validate the URL accuracy.
  • It will display the 30 results in maximum.

How to use?

You can use it with ease, just enter the URL of the website, and hit the button to see the result.

Page rank: 2

Alexa Rank: 158875

Website: http://www.instantpagerankchecker.com/

Sitemap Doc

You can use this Google rank checker tool to track the position of the website for the specific keywords.

How to use?

You can check your page URL position in Google Search engine result pages. Type the URL and keyword and hit the search button.

Page rank: 2

Alexa Rank: 158875

Website: http://www.sitemapdoc.com


We have just covered the better option for the Google rank checker tools. You can use it to find out the domain or page authority along with the page rank. The important thing to remember is that Google has stopped updating the page ranks, and it is because of unforeseen reasons.  But still you can use the above Google rank checker tools to find the page rank of the existing sites, and hope that Google will update page rank some day.

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What next? Next we will see the tools that will do a Page Rank calculator.

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