Welcome to the SEO tutorial, today we will cover deep linking. We already covered on-page SEO, Off-page SEO and paid links. We have been asked by the readers about what is deep links and how deep linking does will help you. So we finally decided to write a tutorial for them.

learn deep linking


What is deep linking?

You must be knowing, what is an anchor text? Or link building strategies. If not, then acquire some knowledge first. Now let’s see the definition, but not the technical one. Because, we need to understand, and not to mug it up.

The deep linking is a process of linking to a page on a website which is not a home page. These deep linking pages are the interior one, because home page comes at the top of the hierarchy. So any pages other than home page will be considered as a deep page.

Let’s see, two examples and try to understand the meaning of the deep linking:

Example1 – here we will see a home page linking.

Let’s suppose, if we will comment on your website, and will mention “www.sharplesson.com” in your website field. Then I am asking for a link to:


And, it is not a deep link, because it is a home page.

Example2 – Here we will see deep linking.

Let’s suppose, if we will comment on your website again, and now this time we will mention “ www.sharplesson.com/category/deep-link” in your website field. Then I am asking you to link to a deep page called “deep-link”.


Why deep linking?

Deep linking will always help your user reach the related page. It will improve the user experience and decrease the bounce rate. Let’s see how else it will help you or your reader.

  • Natural looks – The deep link will give your website a natural backlinks. Because if you will only link to the home page, then probably it will not look natural at all. If it is not natural, then for sure it will trigger the red flag.
  • Traffic – The deep link will give you targeted traffic, let’s suppose you have written about keyword research, and you are posting comments on the relevant topic. Now it will let user of that site to get extra information or new information from your site.
  • No frustration – If you are deep linking, then the user will not get frustrated. Because you are linking the relevant topic. Imagine you have commented on the article link building strategies, and you linked your home page. When the user will visit your site, there he will find only mixed content. For sure it will frustrate him/her, and they will leave your website within a few seconds.
  • Trust – The deep link will help you to build trust and authority in front of users and search engine spiders. For example, let’s say if you will link to home page only, then for sure it will improve your website authority. But don’t you think your other page will be on the lower side?
  • Visibility – You know, large sites always have many pages not indexed. But the use of deep link will force search engines to crawl these pages. It will ultimately let the pages to be indexed.

Deep linking – best Practice

Now let’s see the ways through which we can get deep links. It is not a hard to do thing, just understand the value of deep linking.

  • Profile creation (forum) – If you are creating your profile, then try to put a relevant deep links. For example, if the forum is for web hosting, then try to have a deep link (www.sharplesson.com/web-hosting/).
  • Forum Signature – If you are allowed to have a signature, then try to have a link for the relevant question. For example, if you are answering ‘What is on-page SEO’, then link your signature to the relevant post.
  • Blog comments – If you are commenting on blogs, then make sure that you will deep link there as well.
  • Guest post – If you are allowed to put links in guest bio, then try to use a deep link there.
  • Social sites – You can get a deep link from best social networking sites as well. Just enter the deep link, instead of your home page.


We have covered deep linking, its example, why to use, and how to create deep links. The deep links will give you deep positive effects on long runs. Avoid always linking to the home page, just try to link sub-pages to rise high in search results.

What next? Next we will see the Page ranking.

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