We have been asked many times, what is a blog?, How to create blog? Which web host is good? And many other curious question from our readers. Finally, we have decided to write a short and informative tutorial on how to create blog? If you are a new blogger or want to create a blog, then we have tried our best to provide you the best resource.

Create blog – A list to follow

Let’s cut the long story short, and summarize the important topic we will cover in our discussion that will help you to create blog.

  • Decide the niche
  • Select the domain name
  • Finalize the web host
  • Get your dream
  • Once click installation
  • Write your first post

Now let’s take points one by one to understand the importance of each.

Learn to create blog

Decide the niche

It is very important to understand and know your audience, what is your target audience? If you are a new to the blogging world, then make sure you will work on a niche ( Nothing but a topic on which you can write infinitely), for example, if you have got the knowledge about cooking, then you can write on it and your target audience will be the male or female who wants to learn or impress their love one by cooking.

Just shortlist the 3 topics, and close your eyes and think positively on which topic can you write endlessly. Once you are done, move down to the next topic.

Select the domain name

Many times it happened with us that we don’t like the name of the people or a blog, why?

  • Because of the difficult pronunciation
  • Because of the long and hard to remember names.
  • Because we just don’t like the name.

It doesn’t matter whether you or your blog have quality information, people tend to forget things quite easily. For example, you tell me which name is easy to remember? Sharplesson.com or EminentPowerEducation.webs.com. I think we know the answer, the same way it could happen to your blog as well.

To search whether the domain name is available is not, you can search it on bigrock. For example you have decided to go with www.mysweet.com , but you have to check whether this domain name has been taken or not. In case it has been already taken, then go for .net, .org if you wish, else try other names.

Check your domain name  at bigrock.

Note: Short and easy to remember website name will let you earn more traffic.

Web host – Finalize

If you want to create blog, then very important point for you is to have a good web host, Wrong selection of web host will sink your website. Why?

Let’s understand with a practical example, just answer few questions and maybe you will get the answer to your ‘why?’:

  • Did you come across the website, which was very slow to open and you closed it to see the best option?
  • You must have seen many times, that website is either offline or showing some error. That means you will move to another website.

I am sure you don’t want to create blog that will sink, and also don’t want to lose visitors like above example. If you can’t hold your visitor then you tell me without visitor how come your blog will float?

We at sharplesson will suggest you three options for you to create blog, if you find anything similar to this, then can go for it. We have sectioned the blogger’s in three parts, let’s see where you will land:

New blogger – If you are extremely new blogger, who want to fly with his/her thoughts, then Bluehost shared hosting is the best for you to create blog. Why?

  • Because you are a new and don’t expect billions of visitors a month, so why to waste money on dedicated or VPS hosting.
  • Because Bluehost support WordPress blog and it means your blog will not go slow at all.
  • Because you will get unlimited bandwidth, so that your website will not go offline, like above said example.
  • Because you will get uptime guarantee, your blog will be available 24 by 7 throughout the year. No chance of your blogging going down.

Cost of Bluehost shared plan – It is just $3.95/month, what are you waiting for, use our promotional link to avail benefits.

Frustrated blogger – If you are not happy with your current web host, and want a better web host or want to test best web host to create blog. For you Wpengine is the best option, Why?

  • Because you are frustrated with the current webhost downtime problem
  • Because your blog is slow in loading, and high bounce rate.
  • Because you want WordPress pleasing web host.

Cost of WpEngine – Personal website @ $29, now don’t think other’s are giving at cheap rate and why WpEngine charge so much? The only answer is the cheap host gave you trouble and still you are looking for cheap one.

Note: If you will not be satisfied with WpEngine services, then ask for full refund within 60 days. Yes 60 days, you can imagine how strong they are in their services.

In case you are short with money, then Dreamhost is the one who will help you in the same way. In fact, you can avail sharplesson discount for Dreamhost.

Experienced blogger – If you are experiencing the shortage of bandwidth, web space, and frequent downtime for your blog, then your best option will be Wpengine, Why?

  • Because you can avail unlimited visits or bandwidth.
  • A WpEngine is the one which will allow you more than 20 WordPress installation, got the smile? If not, then stick with your web host.
  • Because WpEngine is faster in every sense and is good to try, because if you are not happy with their services, then can ask for full refund within 60 days.

Either you will go for the dedicated plan by another web host(costly) or will pay less than the proven WordPress supportive web host.

Why not Free web hosting?

You tell me, in todays world will you get anything free? Then how you will create blog for free? Why you want to go for free web host? Let’s for example, you will go for free blog platforms, then you can’t have :

  • No Control on ads – If you will create blog to earn money, then forget it.
  • No Revenue – it will be earned by the free web host provider, just create blog but for fun.
  • No Control on account – They have full right to remove or delete your account permanently.

Get your Dream

If you think you have decided to purchase your dream, then go ahead with any of the above web host. If you have other web host in your mind like Hostgator, Inmotion hosting, big rock or other hosting, then you can.

Once you will get your dream name, like we got “sharplesson”, just start working on it with full of positive energy.

Our recomendation’s are:

  • Hostgator – Get 25% discount using SHARPLESSON25 to create blog.
  • BlueHost – Best to create blog in WordPress.
  • DreamHost – Use SharpLesson45 coupon to create blog

One Click Installation

Most of the web host provides one click script installation to create blog, either WordPress, education, online tutorial, classification sites and etc. Just click and fill the information and your website is ready.

In case you wish to build your own, then they have a web builder for you to create blog looks by your own.

But why waste time on creating your own, you have quality scripts to work on. If you are looking for a blog, then just click on the WordPress installation and you are done. It is that much simple.

Create blog post – First post

Once you will install WordPress, you can choose any best WordPress theme that is available for you or can purchase your own.

It will hardly take 30 second to select your WordPress theme, once done now write your best first post to introduce your existence to the world of web. Just publish it and see how high your dream can fly.

Just create blog, and enjoy blogging, earning, securing life and setting landmark with your successful blog. We want to say all the best to all our reader’s and we at least deserve a thanks mail, if you will succeed in the future.

What next? Next we will see what is successful blog.

If you liked our content on how to create blog for fun, and earn, then you can share, like, tweet or bookmark us. We welcome any suggestion or query by our readers, and that is how we write tutorials on request.