You want to start your blog or blogging career and you don’t know how and where to start? At SharpLesson, you will get tips or complete tutorial for your journey. Before starting , answer a few questions to yourself, and then decide whether you should go for blogging or not.

Let us find Answers:

  • Are you passionate about a blog or money?
  • Are you planning to become rich in two three months?
  • Do you have a topic or content to write endlessly?
  • Will you give time to your blog?

If you are passionate about money and want to become rich in no time, because your friends or internet searches says it is a good way to earn money. Do not go for it, Because you will invest your time and money and at the end of month or two, you will change your plan. Patience is a key for blogger, because there are many if and but’s.

Before paying for your own website or blog, first go for some practice with these blogging platforms. Just learn the basics of blogs and, then go for your own  website. At SharpLesson you will get complete guide for the following Blogging platforms:

Blogger Guide – Beginners

Start Here – Beginner

Intro – Blogspot


  • Write a post
  • Label your post
  • Schedule posts
  • Link to other websites
  • Style a post
  • Create post summaries
  • Add MyBlogLog Comment Avtars
  • Create post option
  • Generate links to related posts
  • Add Social bookmark buttons to posts
  • Use selective post summaries


  • Create a page
  • Label your pages
  • Page links to external website
  • Style a page


  • Create a custom header
  • Make a great header
  • Animated header
  • Create a Navigation Button
  • Add icons beside navigation links


  • Create a label/Tag in sidebar
  • Create a dynamic sidebar
  • Create a two column sidebar


  • Create three columns footer
  • Style the footer
  • Create two columns footer


  • Add image to post/page
  • Style image
  • How to add favicon
  • Use Background images


  • Icons for blog
  • Animated icons
  • Get free icons


  • Intro – Label
  • Label without post counts
  • Add label to menu tab
  • Add label to sidebar


  • Intro – tags
  • Uses of tags

Monetize your blog

  • Intro – adsense
  • Ads between posts
  • Enable adsense
  • 3rd party ads


  • Intro – Widgets
  • Add a simple search widget
  • Clock and Date widget
  • Tab-view widget
  • Google translator widget
  • Tabbed navigation widget
  • Top commenters widget
  • Popular post widget
  • Digital clock widget

General Topics

  • Hide navbar
  • Round corners for header and sidebar
  • Create classic blog template
  • Add background music to blog
  • Adjust padding in templates
  • Adjust margin in templates
  • Create WordPress like pages
  • Add style to search forms
  • Create three column template

Feeds and Syndication

  • Intro – Rss
  • What is feed?
  • Get traffic via feed
  • Uses of FeedBurner
  • Style a feed count
  • Create email subscription box

Move to Custom Domain

  • Intro – custom domain
  • Why to have own website?
  • Redirect users to your custom domain
  • Setup your blogger custom domain with GoDaddy
  • Setup your blogger custom domain with EasyDNS
  • Setup your blogger custom domain with other domain providers.

WordPress Guide – Beginners

  Start Here – Beginner

Intro – WordPress

Install -WordPress

  • Manual
  • Softaculous
  • Fantastico

Transfer WordPress

  • Migrate WordPress data
  • Custom domain( own website)
  • Full WordPress transfer



  • Create a post
  • Add multimedia to post
  • Style a post
  • Protect your post


  • Write a page
  • Style a page
  • Protect your page
  • Add multimedia to page


  • Create a new link
  • Internal linking
  • Links  Widget
  • Link to video
  • Fixing broken links


  • Intro – Comments
  • What is pingback
  • What is trackback
  • How to configure
  • Protect comments
  • Disable comments


  • Intro – Categories
  • Create a Categories
  • Assign post to categories


  • Intro – Plugins
  • How to Install


  • Intro – WordPress themes
  • Install
  • Customize
  • Create your own WordPress theme [ paid]
  • Create your own WordPress Plugins [paid]


  • Update WordPress
  • Protect admin
  • Use Strong Password
  • Two factor authentication
  • Use secure WordPress hosting
  • Virus free computer
  • Protect from Spam
  • Change username

General Topic

  • Disable Post Revisions
  • Add Facebook like button
  • Posts from category
  • Show post author
  • Change WordPress URL
  • Display random comment
  • Hide Category
  • Change language
  • Add Google adsense

Tumblr Guide – Beginners

Start Here – Beginner

Intro – Tumblr


  • Create post
  • Use photo
  • Use audio
  • Use video
  • Post using email


  • Create page
  • Standard layout
  • Custom layout
  • Redirect page



  • Intro – tags
  • Tag your post
  • Tag pages
  • Track a tag
  • Access your tracked tag

Google analytics

  • Intro – Google analytics
  • Set up Google analytics
  • Add Google analytics to blog


  • Fan mail
  • Ask
  • Submit
  • Ignore users


  • Protect Tumblr account
  • Change the password
  • Remove spam post
  • Revoke the access
  • Enable SSL
  • Report Spam
  • Two factor authentication
  • Reset mobile publishing  email address

Transfer Tumblr

  • Tumblr to WordPress
  • Custom domain ( own website)

General Topic

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