To start a blog is not an easy nut to crack as it was, because there are many things to do.  To optimize your blog or website you have to take care of On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. Blog comments  are a part of later one, and are used to get backlinks from a blog either dofollow or nofollow backlinks. I saw many bloggers now do not allow do follow blog comments to prevent the comment spam. Obviously, if Google will find any spam in your blog comments then penalty is the only thing you will get in reward.

Before getting into blog comments let’s see what kind of blog is good for us to comment. Look at the above picture and tell me, will you go to a blog that are having high page ranks (left side) or you will go to any page rank blog (right side)? Now you must be wondering how it will affect you? Let’s see the difference with an example:

Who will give you a fruit fast? A tree or a small plant? I guess everyone knows the answer.

Same will apply to a high page rank blog, you can expect the quality of juice in a broader way as compared to low PR websites. But it doesn’t mean the lower PR sites are of no use. Getting a do follow link is important for you, if you are new blogger, then understand the game of page rank, and if you want to improve your page rank, then get a link juice from other websites. In this post we will see the list of blog from where you can get a quality link by making a simple blog comments.

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importance of the blog comments.

 What are blog comments?

“It is an art of commenting on a blog, and compelling bloggers to accept your comments by giving legal bribe through sweet comments.”

Any blogger, I or you will not allow bad words for you or your blog post. And for sure you don’t want to allow a use of your blog for such things. But it is a perception or may be the reality that if you don’t have a blog comments, that means the content is not good to read. This is why established bloggers allow blog comments and a new bloggers use it to get links.

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Why do blog comments

Blog comments will help you in many ways, let’s see what are the ways:

  • Traffic – Blog comments will get you traffic as well, it doesn’t matter whether it is a do follow links or no follow links.
  • Relationship building – It will help you to connect with a blogger, but it will take time to build a relationship. So take your time to settle yourself.
  • Backlinks – Yes, you will get a link in the form of dofollow or nofollow, It depends upon the blogger whether he is allowed dofollow links or not. But still high PR nofollow links will help you some traffic.
  • SEO – If you want that search engine should optimize your blog from blog comments, then use keywords, comments on dofollow blogs and etc.
  • Expertise – If you will comment on relevant blog, then you can show your expertise by commenting in such a way that it will motivate to visit you.
  • Professional links – One more important aspect of blog commenting is, you can get a trust of a blog owner and through him/her can reach to their network. Give time, and comments regularly to let him recon you.

Note: try to do blog comments as such, it will urge others to visit you, but without violating bloggers terms and conditions.

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Blog comments – List of blogs

Let’s cut the long story short and check the list of blogs where you can comments. Later we will see the cons of the blog comments as well.

PageRank 6

PageRank 5

PageRank 4

PageRank 3

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What not to do in blog comments

Now, let’s see what are those points one should take care of. Many bloggers have suffered just because of the following reasons. In case, you are a new blogger, then make sure you will not commit the same mistake.

  • Hit and run – One time comments will not impress a smart blogger. If you want to build a relationship with your same niche blog, then try to comment more than often.
  • No affiliate links – Do not use affiliate links while commenting, because it will be treated as an spamming by you.
  • Bad neighbors – If you will comment on blogs, which are into black hat activities, then you also, deserve some penalty.
  • Blog spam – Comment in a natural way, and try not to come in the Google’s spammer list. Because your website will suffer for your doing.
  • Non-relevant comments – Don’t comment on a website which is not relevant to your niche, for example, your website is for tech people and you are commenting on the food blog. Avoid doing this, else Google is there to penalize you.


Now you must have understood the importance of blog comments, we have not covered low PR websites. Because we don’t want you to do hard work, hard work?. Ok, let me explain you with a simple example, which is greater 7 or 1? I think you got your answer.  This is the reason why we focused on high PR blog comments.

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What next? Next we will see how to get backlinks from infographic sites?

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