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Best Web Hosting Providers

Welcome to the web hosting tutorials, and we have considered writing for the best web hosting providers. Earlier we have covered web hosting introduction, and why a web host is required. Before jumping on to the best web hosting providers, let’s see what you need to know first:

  • What we mean by best web hosting providers?
  • What is best for new webmaster?
  • What is best for experienced webmasters?
  • List of best web hosting providers.

Now we will discuss above points one by one.

What we mean by best web hosting providers?

By the best web hosting, we mean:

  • Reliable – The best web host should provide quality in terms of uptime and speed. Most of the web host has a bad reputation of not serving the commitment.
  • Security – The web host should be capable of handling the security level from their end. Many web hosts have loop holes to target by the attackers.
  • Processing Power – Web host should handle the accessive use of web space or bandwidth. If not, then at least bother to inform the webmaster about the status. Because many web hosting companies put website offline without informing webmasters.
  • Features – The best web host will have more features or can update as per the availability.

Best web hosting providers – For the new webmasters.

If you are a new blogger or a website owner, then you should not go for VPS or Dedicated Hosting. Because you will not expect high traffic in at least the first year. For new bloggers, we will suggest following things to look before purchasing any plan.

  • Shared hosting – Just look for the reliable shared web hosting providers.
  • Web Space – Before closing the deal, just look for the web space they are allocating you. Even 10 GB is quite enough, but still try to get more for you.
  • Bandwidth – since your blog is in the creation phase, then you don’t require unlimited bandwidth. Don’t confuse by the unlimited, because in reality it is not an unlimited bandwidth. Just look for at least 500 GB bandwidth for your site.
  • Uptime – Check the reputation of the web host for the uptime guarantee. Because nobody wants their website to go offline or down.
  • Features – You will get many features now days, so don’t worry about it.

Best web hosting providers – Experienced webmasters

Experienced webmaster will look for the change. Because either they are frustrated with the services or want to switch the plan. For them the best thing to do:

  • Move to Dedicated or VPS hosting – Because already their blog was set and getting huge traffic. In that case shared hosting will not do for them.
  • Reliability – They have to check the reliability of the web host. Because new blogger will not suffer that much as compared to the site with heavy traffic. They will lose Page views, visit and money till the time their blog/website is offline.
  • Security – You should check the security part from your end as well as provided by the web host. Because any loophole will destroy your efforts and it will squeeze your money as well, if your site is hacked.

List of Best Web Hosting Providers

This section is for you to take a decision, if you want then can choose any:

Web hosting companies that offer some discount as well.



Wp Engine



Note: Do regularly check this tutorial, because we will update as per the best availability.


We have covered best web hosting providers, its importance for the fresher as well as experienced blogger. We want to give best to our reader’s and that is why listed many to choose from.