Welcome to the Google Adsense tutorials, we are moving gradually to help you to monetize your blog/website. Today we will talk about improving Adsense earnings. If you are a new blogger or not familiar about the Google Adsense, then look at our previous discussion on Adsense.

If you are fully dependent on Adsense earnings, then you need to improve a few things that will directly or indirectly affect the Adsense earnings. In case, you are eligible to apply for the Google Adsense, then what are you waiting for?

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Adsense Earnings – How to improve?

Let’s see what are those reasons that will affect your Adsense earnings in a positive or a negative ways. We have seen many websites that have Adsense ads, but not in a proper place or other issues are there.

improve your adsense earnings.

Increase traffic – This is a very important thing to do, because ads are meant for visitors, and if your blog traffic is low, then probably you need to work hard on improving website traffic.

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Ads Placements – The placements of ad are very much important, as we know that Google ads will show relevant ads. Now you have to put ads as per your visitors thinking. Just consider below things:

  • Your content should be easy to navigate, else your visitor will run.
  • Make sure you will show your ads as an ad, and not as a part of the content. Why? Because if your reader will click it by mistake, then Google and your reader will not like it. Your reader wants a solution for his/her problem, but the click will redirect to a new page and for sure it will frustrate your reader. The Same thing will happen with Google, if you miss placing the ads, then for sure you will be banned from their Adsense program.
  • Just place your ads near to the user contents.

Ads Size – The Ads size matters a lot in increasing Adsense earnings, because if you will choose ads size which has limited inventories, then probably you are not helping yourself. The best Ads size is recommended by the Google, and you should not avoid their recommendation. If you are existing Adsense users, then you must know where you will see those ad sizes. In case, you are not familiar about it, then better go for Google Adsense Sign up.

In fact, you need to use responsive ad size, because it will resize itself as per the device and hence it will not give you a weird look on different devices.

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Ads type – The ads type also plays an important role in improving Adsense earnings. The Google Adsense has different ads type to choose from, again we will ask our reader to use recommended ads type and it is both( text and Display) ads. If you will use only one option, either text or display, then it will lower down the chances to earn more. Let’s see what the options available are:

  • Responsive ads
  • Text ads
  • Display ads
  • Link ads

Ads Style – The ads style needs to be as per the theme. Because your website readers will ignore the off color ads. They have landed on your website, because they want a solution for their query. Now your part is to shade your ads style as per the background color of your theme or probably the content matching ads style. You will be given many ads style options from the Google Adsense.

  • Default
  • Colorful
  • Neon
  • Classic

There are many other options as well, you will get many options, once you will be approved by the Adsense program.

Search box – You can use at least one Google search box or at most two on your website. The search box will improve the Adsense earnings probability for you. If user will search there and will go to the link or ads, then you will be benefited from this.

Theme – Now a days, many people you will see with smart phones and they don’t require any desktop or laptop to surf on the net. Let’s suppose if your theme is not mobile friendly or responsive enough to support various devices, then you will lose the majority of cell users. Hence, it will downgrade your Adsense earnings.

I am sure you are using the best WordPress theme or a responsive wordpress theme to counter this issue. Avoid using free WordPress themes, because they have less features and probably they will not beat the standards to improve your Adsense earnings.

Quality content – Yes, the quality will always speak for you. Let’s suppose today, you have got 50 visitors to your website, but your content is of low quality and they leaves your site within the seconds. Now see two things will happen:

  • They will not refer your site, even though they will see you in the search results. It means because of the low quality, you will not be able to hold your existing readers.
  • It will increase your bounce rate, which is not good for your site health.

Now, if you have a quality content, then for sure you will get revisit by the visitors and new visitors will be ad-ons for you. And, that is how, you will improve your traffic and hence Adsense earnings as well.

Internal linking – The internal links have been avoided by many webmasters. In fact, the effective use of internal links will earn you page views and hence the chances of clicks as well.

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Link Adsense to Google analytics – If you will link Adsense with your google analytics account, then you will be able to ads performances, like the CTR, CPM and revenue etc.

Avoid too many ads – Avoid having too many ads, because of the below reasons:

  • Penalty – The Google will smash you for having too many ads.
  • Frustrate readers – The visitor will land to your site because he/she want a solution for a problem or found your content interesting. But instead of your content, your visitors are welcome by your ads. What you think? They have that much time to look for your content? No, because they have many options to look for.

Now, your site is not able to hold your readers, and hence it will lower your Adsense earnings. The best solution is, follow a Google Adsense policy of having 3 display ads and 3 link ads.


We have just covered Adsense Earnings, and how to improve it. If you are a new blogger or existing blogger, but not following above said points, then make sure you will try to use it. Because, if you are looking for money, then put effective efforts towards earnings.

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What next? Next we will see Top Google Adsense earnings by the bloggers.

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